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You can do any of these tasks, in any order (but we've suggested a timetable).
Take as long as your little ones want for each task, let them use their imaginations! 

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All About Me

Hi, my name is Emma and today I would like to celebrate all the amazing things about ourselves.


Everyday, we take for granted the things we have around us. We may forget how lucky we are to have trees, parks, birds, the sea or farms around us. 


Today, we are going to find these special things. We will need to look very carefully, using new equipment, which we are going to make in our first activity. 


Each one of us is very special and it does not matter where we live or what we look like, we are all special in one way or another. 


Some people enjoy writing or drawing or riding their bikes. Others may like making monsters and robots out of boxes. Whatever you like doing, the most important thing is to have fun! We will try some of these fun and exciting things in our other activities today.


In today’s activities, you and your family can celebrate all the things that are special about you. I am sure you are going to have lots of fun.

9.30am Activity:
What can I see?

People all over the world live in different types of homes. Some people live in a house, others live in a flat or an apartment. Some people live in a bungalow whilst others live on a farm or in a caravan.


Can you see out of a window in your home? 

What can you see? There are so many exciting things to see, when we look carefully at what is around us. 


Later on today, we are going to explore what is around us and where we live. We must have the right equipment to go on our adventure. What do you think we will need? 

We could make a telescope or a camera, so we don’t forget what we find. To make one of these. You will need:

- junk modelling (boxes and tubes)

- sellotape or glue

- coloured pencils or paint

- tin foil, bottle tops, buttons or anything else you like

- scissors (let your grown up help you)

Grown Ups:

Does your child know what a camera or telescope looks like? What do they do? You may have a camera you can show them or you could show them different pictures on the internet. 

Discuss how you could make a camera or a telescope out of the junk modelling you have at home. 


Encourage your child to work independently but offer support when needed, especially with the use of scissors. 


Have fun making your cameras and telescopes. I will see you a little bit later on to start our adventure.

10.30am Activity:
Are you Ready? Get Set, Go!

Have you got your camera or telescope you made earlier today? Are you ready? Let’s go!


Can you use your camera or telescope to look for things around your home or garden? What can you see out of your window? 

Grown Ups:

When you are looking around your home, in the garden or out the window, encourage your child to describe what they can see. What sound does the object start with?


Phase 1 phonics introduce the sounds: s a t p i n

Ask your child if they can see anything that starts with these sounds?



For children who are not yet able to recognise their sounds, use colours as a way of challenging them.

 eg) Can you see anything that is green?


For those children who are able to spot objects beginning with  s a t p i n; challenge them to find things that end in that sound. eg) bin, toys or light 


How many things did you find? After that exhausting adventure, I need some lunch. I will see you later for our next activity.

1:30pm Activity:
Messy Sounds

What did you see through your camera or telescope?


Did you find anything beginning with these sounds?


                              s a t p i n


Do you know how to write these sounds? What shape do they make? 


For our next activity, we are going to make some ‘Messy Letters’ You will need to find something that you can write in with your finger. You could use sand, salt, flour, shaving foam or paint. 


You will need:

  • A plate or a tray.

  • Sand, salt, flour, paint or shaving foam

  • A towel to wipe your finger


Messy Sounds

Pour your sand, salt, flour, paint or foam onto a plate or tray. 

Draw patterns in the sand or whatever you are using.

Can you write the different sounds in the sand?

Make it all smooth again. 

What other letters  can you write?

Grown Ups:

Encourage your child to create patterns in the substances. It doesn't matter if they are unable to form the letters and sounds properly yet. What happens if they use their finger, a pencil or a stick?

For those children who are more able, double check your child is forming the letters in the correct way. Can they write simple CVC words? Eg) hat, hot, sit, hen or tub

2:30pm Activity:
Who is special to me

I hope you had an exciting adventure, looking for things through your camera or telescope. Did you get in a mess writing in the paint and flour? I hope you had fun!


For our last activity today, we are going to think about who is special to us? For the last couple of months, we have spent lots of time at home with our families. 

They are very special to us. We look after each other, we play games, eat food and watch TV together. Whatever we do with our own families, is special to us. How can we remember these special people?


This afternoon we are going to create a family picture. There are lots of ways you can do this. You may want to draw your family and colour it in. You may want to write their names next to your drawings. 


I am going to show you other ways of making a special memory of your family. You can choose which one you want to do. 

Grown Ups:

Grown Ups:Allow your child to decide how they want to present their family image. If they choose to do the handprints and you don’t have child friendly scissors, you may want to cut the hands out but let your child do the sticking and writing.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...
Story time:
Douglas's Trousers by Sarah Griffiths
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