Today’s Activities

You can do any of these tasks, in any order (but we've suggested a timetable).
Take as long as your little ones want for each task, let them use their imaginations! 

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Dinosaur Day

My name is Sarah and I have my own business called AnimalTastic. Before I worked with my own animals, I worked as a zoo keeper. I learnt lots of information about big animals, when I left the zoo I worked for the RSPCA 

and helped sick and injured animals to get better and then could release them back to their owners or back to the wild.

AnimalTastic has been going now for 9 years and I love my job. I visit schools, nurseries and care homes teaching people about animals.

Today I am going to help you learn a lot about 2 animals that move in different ways. We will then try to see if we can move like them and we are going to make those animals with an art project. Join me for activity number one in a little while.

9.30am Activity:
Learn About Dinosaurs

We are going to find out about lizards today. These are animals that look a lot like dinosaurs but smaller. We are going to find out all about Penny. She is one of my lizards, she is a type of Skink and has a very strange looking tongue.

Grown Ups:
Children will learn all about lizards and where they live, look at how they feel and the similarities between dinosaurs years ago. This links with Understanding of the World.

10.30am Activity:
Make a Dinosaur Crown

Are you ready to do some art? We are going to make a dinosaur crown. You could be a king or queen dinosaur. For this you will need some coloured card or paper. Some scissors (ask your grown - up to help) glue, felts or paint.

Grown Ups:
This activity will help children to move and exercise in a fun way. It supports their physical development and expressive art and design. Try using multi-coloured card for a rainbow dinosaur or maybe pink/ red/ purple/ blue. Add glitter or tissue paper for extra effect.

This activity also helps with socialising and play.

Invite your child / children to pop on their dinosaur crown/s and run around outside and roar and growl like mini dinosaurs. This activity can be made at home and then acted out, indoors or outdoors or even in an open space like a park or local field. 

1:30pm Activity:
Learn About Lizards

In this session we are going to learn all about a different type of lizard (dinosaur).

Grown Ups:
Children will learn about a different lizard and the differences between lots of other lizards.

This will help the children recognise differences in animals that are similar to each other and habitats.

This helps with knowledge and understanding of the world.

2:30pm Activity:
Make a Dinosaur

In this activity we are going to make our own dinosaur from a paper plate. You just need a paper plate, a pen, felts / crayons, glue and some scissors. (You will need a grown-up to help.)

Grown Ups:
Help your child / children with the cutting out and invite them to make and decorate their very own dinosaur. You could even make a family of them or try doing different types of dinosaurs. This encourages children to use their imaginations be creative. Use card if you prefer or even paint instead of crayons and felts. Make them big or small. You can add extra spikes on and ask the children to count helping with their numeracy skills. 


I hope you all enjoyed your day and I hope to see you all again soon.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Have a look at other ideas to make dinosaur themed crafts at home. Look to see if you could make a game using dinosaur pictures or if you have a sand pit at home, bury some smaller toys inside and get the children to dig them out and find them. Their very own dinosaur dig site. If you don’t have access to a sand pit / box why not try hiding the toys under blankets / towels and getting the children to find them.

Story time:
The Hare and The Tortoise by Little Lamb Tales
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