Traditions Day

Hi! My name is Becky and I am a singer & dancer from Scotland, but today I am here to learn all about traditions day with you! I am also a dance teacher and I work with young children. Today, working with my helper, Layla, I am going to be talking all about different traditions of life using active learning & conversation! I can’t wait to get started!

Meal Times

Welcome to our first Activity. During this activity we
will be discussing our favourite traditional family
meals. I will go into detail about my favourite
Scottish meal - Haggis, Neeps & Tatties! Now with
your grown up, plan your favourite traditional
meal to have with the family...maybe make a shopping list.

Places to Visit

Welcome to the second activity of the day! Throughout this
activity the children will be encouraged to use their
imagination to picture their favourite traditional
place - and I will take them on a tour of mine,
Balloch National Park. We want to get the children
thinking about what makes that place a tradition for
them & why they love it.

Remember November

Now its time to get creative! During this activity we
will be exploring the traditions of the upcoming
holiday - Bonfire Night. Afterwards, grab your
brightest coloured pens or pencils to recreate your
favourite fireworks.

Bedtime Traditions

It’s time to use up the last of that extra energy
before bed now! Using this fun jingle & some
simple dance moves, we will go over the tradition of
our bedtime routine!


Bedtime Song

Here is a little snippet of Becky’s favourite traditional bedtime lullaby

George's Planet Pledge by Sarah Griffiths