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International Nurses Day

Welcome to International Nurses Day with Rachel from Music Minors. After this tough year, we are so grateful for all of our Nurses and NHS staff. I have designed a number of activities so that you can enjoy and celebrate our wonderful Nurses Day.

The Rainbow Song

The rainbow became a huge symbol during the pandemic. Today we are singing ‘I can sing a rainbow,’ as a huge thank you to all our NHS staff. Come along and join in with Rachel. Sing the rainbow song and see if you can remember all the colours. If you can find a scarf or piece of material it will help you in this song. Move and copy Rachel and enjoy thanking our Nurses and NHS staff with this song.

This develops children’s music and movement.

Make a Doctors or Nurses Hat

You will need:

A4 paper

A red, blue and green crayon or felt tip pen.

Sticky tape

A ruler

This develops children’s music and movement.

Bandaging your Teddies

You will need:

Teddy bear

Toilet roll


Learn to bandage your friends or teddies with Rachel. She helps her teddy bears feel better by bandaging their head and arm. See if you can bandage your teddies and help make them feel better.

This develops children’s knowledge and understanding of a nurse’s role. It helps them to use their imaginations and develops their communication and language.

How to Keep Healthy

Learn how to keep healthy

This video shows the children different tools they may see if they go to see the nurse or doctor. See if they can identify the pictures with Rachel. Try and help them as they may not have heard of some of the names before. Remind children how to look after their bodies as it is so important. Rachel reminds the children of this in the video and repeats the tools at the end. This develops children’s knowledge and understanding of the world and communication and language.


Here is a link to some nurse and doctor activities:

Emergency Ed by Karen Kelly

Join Karen (and her dog Baxter) for this lovely story about Emergency Ed the ambulance.

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