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Sunshine Day

Today we are delighted to be working with Reality Gives. They are a community-based non-profit organization providing access to quality education for children and youth from poor urban communities in India. Through their School Program and Youth Program they reach out to over 1000 young people living in the slums of Dharavi (Mumbai) and Sanjay Colony (New Delhi) every year.


“We strongly believe education is the most powerful tool for young people to break from the cycle of poverty”


Their School Program is run in a low income private school based in Dharavi itself called Royal City English High School. Malvika is the Assistant School Leader, so she supports all the classes from 3 years old to 10 years old.

The theme for today is ‘Sunshine.’ During the day we will:

  1. Learn a song.

  2. Create a sun mask.

  3. Learn words starting with the letter ‘s’.

  4. Count objects and write the number.

Song- Have you got a Sunshine Smile?

Join in with this lovely sunshine song.

The song together with the dance moves will develop motor skills and build language. Malvika sings the song with actions. Can you create your own moves with your child? Have fun!

Create a Sun Mask

Children will learn how to create a sun with paper and colours. Malvika demonstrates step by step through the video, which children can easily follow and make their own sun mask. This activity will develop children’s imagination and build their creativity.

Learn Different Words Starting with the Letter `S'

Malvika explores the letter S and the sound that it makes.  Using flash cards, she shows children different words that start with the letter S. This develops children’s language and communication skills. During the activity, support your child to write down one of the words together and draw a picture.

Summer Number Counting

This activity is all about numbers. Join Malvika in learning how to count and colour. Malvika shows how we can match toys with numbers using flash cards. A worksheet can be printed out at home for you to colour and count with your child.


Malvika shares facts about the sun through an interactive video.

Stories with Lamby

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