Animal Moves Day

My name is Sarah and I am an animal lady- I work for Animal-Tastic and visit schools nurseries and care homes teaching people about animals. ​Before I became an animal lady, I worked as a zoo keeper and learned lots of information about big animals. When I left the zoo, I worked for the RSPCA and helped sick and injured animals to get better and then could release them back to their owners or back into the wild. Today I am going to help you learn a lot about two animals that move in different ways. We will then try to see if we can move like them and we are going to make those animals with an art project.
9.30am Activity:
Snake Moves

We are going on a journey of discovery all about a snake. Find out all about why a snake hisses and why they bob out their tongue.

Grown-Ups: Children will learn all about snakes and how they move, look at patterns and how they feel. This will teach children about habitats and the world they live in.
10.30am Activity:
Tortoise and Turtle
Children will learn about tortoises and how their body helps them to survive. This will also help children to work out the differences between individuals
Grown-Ups: Children will learn about tortoises and how their body helps them to survive. Also helping the children to work out the differences in individuals. This helps children with their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.
1:30pm Activity:
Move Like An Animal
This activity is a little different from the others. I want you to make sure you have some room and have space to move around. We are going to move like animals. ​
Grown-Ups: This activity will help children to move and exercise in a fun way and supports their physical development. It also encourages socializing and play. Invite your child / children to pick an animal and see if they can move like that animal. This can be done at home indoors or outdoors or even in an open space like a park. It would be lovely if you could share some of your child’s animal moves!
2:30pm Activity:
Create your own Snake!
For this activity you will need: some coloured card, scissors, glue, pens / felts and some plain paper. With your grown up explore different ways of colouring in or painting patterns. ​Try different ways of colouring in or painting patterns. Let’s make our own snake!
Grown Ups: Help your child / children with the cutting out and invite them to make their very own snake. This encourages children to use their imaginations and get creative. Use different materials if you have them, like paper towel rolls or paper plates. Talk about different ways of colouring in or painting patterns.
If you've finished these and still have time for fun...
Find out more about Sarah’s animal-tastic work:
Story time:
Penguins by Jude Lennon
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