Astronaut Day

Welcome to our Space Themed Day with Jude Lennon and Astronaut Lamby. Journey to the moon with us, make an alien and dance as if you are floating in space. It will be so much fun!
9.30am Activity:
Storytime- Astronaut Lamby
I'm going to introduce you to Astronaut Lamby and his fabulous rocket. Join us as we whizz through the stars and meet a rock which is not as it seems.  ​
Grown Ups: The book takes Astronaut Lamby on a journey through space. You can discuss what it might be like to go up to the moon and be there by yourself. The book also allows for discussions around making friends and not making assumptions about new people based on how they look.  The story encourages children to ask questions, use their imagination and enjoy rhyme.  
10.30am Activity:
Make an Alien
This is a chance for children to use their imagination and creativity to create an alien using paper art.   The children can decide what their alien will look like. There is no right or wrong way - only their way. As well as developing creative skills, this activity also encourages children to use physical skills - using scissors, pencils, felt tips etc. It also encourages discussion and use of vocabulary. Talking about space and the moon helps children with their understanding of the world.
1:30pm Activity:
Five little Lambs in a Flying Saucer
We're going to sing a song!  Using the well known song 5 Little Men in a  Flying Saucer we'll explore counting and taking away.
Grown Ups: Encourage your child to count their fingers/soft toys/friends onto the space ship and after each verse. Use language such as 'we had four, one has gone, now there's three left'. Encourage children to point to each finger of soft toy as they count. This activity encourages children to use number skills through counting and taking away. 
2:30pm Activity:
Gravity Dance
Put on some music that makes you think of stars, the moon or floating. Then move around the room or space as if you are floating without gravity. Explore moving in different ways, turning, moving up and down, swaying, twisting to the music. ​
Grown Ups: Explain to the children that gravity is the thing that keeps us all down on the ground but there isn't any in space. What would it be like to float everywhere? How would you move through the air? Demonstrate the moves with your children, press play and have fun!  This activity encourages children to think about moving their bodies in certain ways.  It allows them to imagine floating through space and lets them respond to music in different ways.
If you've finished these and still have time for fun...
1. You can explore the Nasa Kids website to find out more about space  2. Make a star mobile or a Star picture. 3. Find out more about the planets and stars. 4. Colour the Astronaut Lamby colouring sheet. Grown Ups - enjoy learning some fascinating facts with your children.
Story time:
Touching A Star Watch Jude's Story Telling Sessions live on Facebook
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