Be Happy Day

Hello children, Jude, Lamby and Flossie would like to welcome you to 'Be Happy Day'. We have lots of lovely activities which will definitely make you feel happy!

Being happy is good for our bodies and our minds. It's important to do things which make us feel good and make us happy. Today we're are going to some activities which make Jude, Lamby and Flossie very happy and we hope they make you happy too.

9.30am Activity:
A Walk in the Park

We love going for a walk in our local park. It feels good to be out in the fresh air. We can look at the beautiful colours on the trees and watch the animals. We can listen for the birds singing in the trees. Maybe you could go for a walk even if it's just around the block, you'll be amazed what you can see and  hear.

Grown Ups:
Encourage your children to enjoy the outdoors. Remind them that being outside is really good for us. Suggest going for a walk together. Encourage your children to decide the best clothes to wear for the weather. Use language such as walk, park, what can you see/hear, animal names, tree names, leaves, colours and colour names, autumn, happy, feeling good.

Develops - Communication & Language, PSHE, Physical and Understanding the World skills.

10.30am Activity:
Let's Dance!

We LOVE dancing. It makes us really happy. We love listening to the music and moving our bodies to match it. Look out for Lamby and Flossie joining in.

Grown Ups:
Encourage your child to choose a song or piece of music they enjoy. Put it on and dance. Encourage your child to move and express themselves. They could dance with their teddy if they wish.  Use language such as dance, move, sway, body parts, music, rhythm, beat, fun, stretch.  Develops - PSHE, Physical and Creative skills.

1:30pm Activity:
If You're Happy and You Know it

Singing makes us happy too. Let's all join in with the song If You're Happy and You Know It.

Grown Ups:
Encourage your children to join in with the song. Can you think of your own actions and carry on singing it? Use language such as happy, hands, clap, stamp, feet, nod, head, turn around,

Develops - Language & Communication, PSHE, Physical skills.

2:30pm Activity:
Relax with Lamby and Flossie

Finding time to relax is a great way to make us feel happy. Lamby and Flossie are going to lie down while I do a relaxation with them. You can join in too. 

Grown Ups:
Encourage your child to join in with the relaxation (you are very welcome to join in too).  Use language such as - relax, calm, breathe, happy, chill out, relaxing, lie down, body parts

Develops -  Communication & Language, PSHE, Physical skills.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

1. Have a happy dance every day.

2. Draw some things that make you happy.

Story time:
The Mermaid and The Starfish

Snuggle up for our bedtime story The Mermaid and the Starfish. Find out what makes Starfish so happy.

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