Camping with Lamby

Come and join our camping fun. Team Lamby and Jude have packed up their campervan Buttercup for a weekend of fun activities. Come along too. Meet Team Lamby or Lamby, Flossie, Cordero, Alfie and Lily as they are also known. You will also meet Buttercup the campervan. We've got some great activities which you can try on a camping trip, on a holiday or at home. 

9.30am Activity:
Lamby goes Camping

You can join in with the actions and pretend you are driving Buttercup away for the weekend. 

Grown Ups: This book allows lots of discussion about camping, driving, holidays and more. Talk with your children about where you would like to go. Do you all want to go to the same places or somewhere different? The book highlights the importance of creating happy memories and listening to everyone's ideas. Develops Communication, PSHE and Understanding the World skills.
10.30am Activity:
What shall we do today?
Think of all the things you'd like to do during the day. Draw or write the things on pieces of paper to add to a jar, tin or tub.
Grown Ups: This activity encourages children to talk about their ideas and think of activities they'd like to do.  You can suggest ideas as well. The idea is the activities can be done very easily and with no financial outlay. Jigsaws, playing a game, I Spy, Hide and Seek, reading a book, making a den etc. Develops Understanding the World, Communication and Language skills.
1:30pm Activity:
Make A Den
Do you like making dens? I do. They are great places to read a book, do a jigsaw, colour in or build with Lego. Can you make a den in your garden, house or on a camping trip? You could even make a mini-camp den for your toys.
Grown Ups: Encourage your children to create their den using sheets, blankets or towels. You may decide to make the den big enough for you to play in as well or you might like it to be a place for your child to use by themselves. Develops - PSHE, Understanding the World and Creative Skills.
2:30pm Activity:
Cloud Watching
This is such good fun. Are you ready to watch the clouds and let your imagination go to work?
Grown Ups: This is a really simple activity which takes very little time to set up and can keep children occupied for hours!  Remind children not to look at the sun just at the clouds. Encourage them to use their imagination. Develops -  Creativity, Understanding the World and Communication and Language skills.
If you've finished these and still have time for fun...
1. Colour in your own Buttercup colouring sheets. You might want to design your own camper van too. You can choose any colours or patterns. 2. Have a 'camping day' at home by setting up a tent in your house or back garden or creating a camping den.  3. Fill your What Shall We do Today Tin with all kinds of activities which could last for a few days. Grown ups - Enjoy encouraging your children to explore the extension activities.
Story time:
The Camping Trip Snuggle up for our bedtime story The Camping Trip.
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