Caring For Our World

Author and Storyteller Jude introduces Lamby and friends who are going to help with the day as the story telling crew. Jude is the current Disney Winnie the Pooh Laureate for the North  West, a proud member of Team Author UK, a learning destination for the Children's University, a Patron of Reading and a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors!
9.30am Activity:
That's Our Home storytime
I'm going to introduce you to Starfish, Crab and Seagull. They are looking forward to sharing their book 'That's Our Home!' with you.
Grown Ups: The book aims to spread the message about caring for our planet especially the beaches, where Starfish, Crab and Seagull live. Talk to your child about how important this is and how we can all help. The story encourages children to appreciate their natural world and think about how we can look after it.
10.30am Activity:
Make a Litter Mascot
You might like to make your own Seagull, Crab or Starfish but you could  also make one using a different animal. You could use playdough, lego, junk modelling or even draw your mascot.
Grown Ups: Encourage your child to make their Litter Mascot any way they wish. Just use what is readily available, don't feel you have to buy anything specially. This activity encourages children to use their imagination and creativity. It is also great for Physical Development and Understanding the World. You can chat to your child while they make their mascot about how important it is to take our litter home or use a bin.
1:30pm Activity:
Little Poster
Make a poster for your Litter Mascot.  Using the words 'Use a bin or take it home, keep the outdoors clean' as a starting point create a poster to remind people about doing just that.
Grown Ups: Encourage your child to create their poster. Talk about what is the important message to get across. Talk about what would look good and what would help people to remember. This activity encourages children to think about their world and the importance of looking after it. It also helps to develop communication skills through mark making, writing and illustrations.
2:30pm Activity:
Mascot Mash
Choose a song (Under the Sea from the Little Mermaid) would be a good one and move around like Seagull, Crab and Starfish. ​You could even play Musical Statues as an extension activity and freeze like one of our mascots when the music stops.
Grown Ups: Demonstrate the moves with your children, press play and have fun! If you are doing Musical Statues, you will need to control when the music stops/starts. This activity encourages children to think about moving their bodies in certain ways. It also encourages them to respond to music.
If you've finished these and still have time for fun...
1. Can you do a litter pick next time you play in your garden, go to the park?  2. Find out some interesting facts about Starfish, Seagulls and Crabs 3. Discuss what you can do as a family to help keep the outdoors clean and green. Grown ups - children and adults will need gloves to carry out this activity 1 safely. You may not wish to do this at the moment.
Story time:
Lamby goes Camping by Jude Lennon
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