Magnificent Me Day

My name is Sarah and I am a children’s author. Today I will be sharing my story ‘Sophie’s Spectacles’. After listening to the story, we will be making our own magic glasses and thinking about what makes us magnificent. Next, we will be drawing our very own positivity cards to keep and say to ourselves each day. Then we will be painting a self-portrait using a mirror to help us. Finally, we will finish with a bedtime story. My brand-new follow up to the story of ‘Sophie’s Spectacles’ – ‘The Magic Returns’.

9.30am Activity:
Sophie's Spectacles

Sarah shares her uplifting story about a little girl called Sophie who struggles to see the good in herself. With the help of a teacher and some magic spectacles, Sophie sees how amazing she truly is!

Grown Ups: This story supports your child to see the good in themselves and the people around them. It helps children to talk about the things they are good at, what they enjoy and what makes them happy. It develops their language that supports how they feel about themselves.  Activity: Printable colouring picture of Sophie. Talk to your child about the characters in the story and what makes them magnificent?

10.30am Activity:
Make Your Own Magic Spectacles

Sarah demonstrates how we can decorate our very own magic spectacles.

Grown Ups: Sarah shares ideas children can use to make their spectacles look magical. This activity supports children’s creativity and imagination. It helps them to connect with what they know about themselves, what is good in them and what they love to do, supporting their personal, social and emotional development.

1:30pm Activity:
Positivity Cards

Sarah demonstrates how to make your own positivity cards.

Grown Ups: Sarah shares a creative activity that supports children to see good qualities within themselves. It supports them to develop their language skills, linking to activities that are familiar to them. It also develops their understanding of who they are. This supports children’s personal, social and emotional development with a strong focus on the positive aspects of themselves. Keep the cards in a safe place and read them together with your child each day to instil those feelings of happiness and self-belief.

2:30pm Activity:
Self Portrait

Sarah shares a fun way to paint a Self Portrait.

Grown Ups: Sarah demonstrates how to paint our faces using a mirror to support us. We can look at the shapes of our eyes, nose and mouth and see where they are on our face. This helps us to paint it on the paper. You can also use, felt tip pens, pencils or crayons too. Sarah shares words about herself that make her who she is: creative, happy, smiley, fun and kind. Can you talk to your child about the words they would use to describe themselves and help them to record them around the painting?  Children learn how to create a picture of themselves, thinking about shapes and lines and different colours. This supports your child’s creativity and an opportunity for discussion about what makes them who they are.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Sophie’s gift to the world is her kindness. Find out about ideas for simple acts of kindness you can do together with your child.

Story time:

Sophie’s Spectacles – The Magic Returns Find out about what happens next to Sophie when she puts on her magic glasses!

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