Mindfulness and Yoga

Welcome Katie from Little Sunshine! Today Katie will help to calm our minds by teaching us new skills such as animal yoga and how to make our very own lavender bags. These skills will leave us feeling energised and happy.

9.30am Activity:
Animal yoga session
Children and parents will need a safe space to practice the animal yoga. It might help to sit on a rug or mat (a yoga mat if you have one). Check there is nothing that can fall on you and wear comfortable clothing. I use a small teddy and a flower as part of the activity – if you have one you can use them too but you don’t have to. ​
Grown Ups: Please be mindful of any injuries, or pain experienced in the practice.  If in any pain during the practice come out of the pose.
10.30am Activity:
Lavender bags
Place a hand full of dry lavender into the centre of the material Bring all four corners together and tie with a ribbon Explain to the children that when they smell the lavender this reminds them to feel calm They can place this by their bed to help them sleep or carry it around to help them when they feel anxious For the Lavender bag alternative: Find old materials or cloth; old pillow cases or clothes. Children can collect leaves and petals fallen from plants. With an adult, cut into small pieces and use them to put in their bags and fasten with cotton or string.
Grown Ups: This creative activity improves children’s fine motor skills, PSE, understanding the world.  It helps them to feel calm and relaxed
1:30pm Activity:
Mindful swirl activity
Using a paper plate or paper and 2 coloured pens start in the middle of the paper and draw a swirl, slowly and mindfully leaving a gap between swirls Using the other coloured pen start in the middle and draw in between the lines to create a second swirl
Grown Ups: Mindful swirl activity improves concentration and focus, fine motor skills and hand/eye co-ordination.  Area of learning and development Fine motor skills, physical development, PSE
2:30pm Activity:
Playdough sensory activity
Roll, squeeze, squash, poke, flatten the playdough using hands Make numbers or letters with the playdough
Grown Ups: This mindful playdough activity improves concentration, relaxation, focus and stimulates the sense of touch.
If you've finished these and still have time for fun...
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Story time:
Floga with Flossie
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