Mini Monster Day

Welcome to Monster Day. I am Natalie Reeves Billing and I am a children’s author and storyteller.  I write about mischievous monsters, young and old. Monsters of all shapes and sizes, in all manner of disguises. Monsters get a bad rap, they are actually just misunderstood. Some of the best kids I know are monsters.  Monsters love making meals, music, melodies and stories and we are going to get to do all of them, over the next four Monstrous activities.

9.30am Activity:
Monster Meals.
Monsters love making monstrous meals and today we are in Mummy Monster’s kitchen, helping her make a stack of delicious beastly bites.  Check the ingredients and who knows, you may be able to make a batch of your own. Yum Yum
10.30am Activity:
Monster Moves
Monsters are exceptional dancers and love to shake their furry bodies. It’s a great way to exercise.  Follow the tutorial and keep rewinding the video back to learn all the monster moves, if you’re feeling really monstrous, why not download a free monster mask. Extra points for wearing one for your monster routine.   Feel free to invent some moves of your own. Maybe your parents could share them with me?
1:30pm Activity:
Monster Musical Singalong
Monsters loves a good melody, and sing everywhere they go. If you have a copy of ‘My Mummy is a Monster’ then you can use it to singalong. If not, listen out for the chorus. It’s really easy, and monstrously catchy. So, put your claws up in the air, and let’s get grooving. (If your child is a monster star, send me their videos and I will add them to my Monster VIP clip)  
2:30pm Activity:
Monster Storytime
Well done! So now you can monster make and monster bake, move your monstrous body and sing like a super monster. What’s left to do?  Put your furry feet up, cuddle in to your mummy monster, and listen to a nice monstrous story.
If you've finished these and still have time for fun...
Monster Mask colour in.
Story time:
My children are monsters
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