National Marine Day

Welcome aboard children. This week it is National Marine Week and we have a great day of Pirate related activities. Join Pirate Lamby and his Woolly Crew for a day of fun on the high seas. See who and what's inside my wonderful Pirate's Treasure Chest.  Children (and grown ups) might like to dress up as pirates following this video to tie in with our theme for day.

9.30am Activity:
Pirate Lamby and His Woolly Crew.
You can join in with the actions and pretend you are on board Pirate Lamby's ship, 'The Laughing Louise.'   
Grown Ups: This book allows lots of discussion about the sea, ships, pirates and more. The book highlights the importance of team work and helping each other.  Develops Communication, PSHE and Understanding the World skills.
10.30am Activity:
Make a Treasure Map
Have fun and use your imagination to create your very own treasure map. Decide where your treasure will be and what features could be on your island.
Grown Ups: This activity encourages children to talk about their ideas and use their imaginations. It also encourages children to think about geographical features such as a beach, trees, river, cliffs. Develops Understanding the World, Creative, Communication and Language skills.
1:30pm Activity:
Song: 'A Pirate's Life for Me'
Can you join in with the song? There are lots of actions and it also involves some counting. It will be lots of fun!
Grown Ups: Encourage your children to join in with the song, counting and actions. Maybe you could continue the song up to ten and make up your own verses? Develops - Mathematical and Creative Skills.
2:30pm Activity:
Painting with Water
Let's have a go at painting with water. It's really easy and lots of fun.
Grown Ups: This is a really simple activity which takes very little time to set up and can keep children occupied for hours!  Remind your children that they can only do this with water NOT paint and they must check it's ok with you first. This activity encourages children to develop large and fine motor skills such as brush control, mark making. You can also talk about how quickly the water takes to dry and if some surfaces dry quicker than others. Develops - Physical, Creativity, Understanding the World and Communication and Language skills.
If you've finished these and still have time for fun...
1. Colour in your own Pirate Lamby colouring sheet. 2. Could you make a telescope or a treasure chest from junk material? 3. Are there any other pirate books you could read? Grown ups - Enjoy encouraging your children to explore the extension activities.
Story time:
'Billy Goats Gruff and Other Tales' By Little Lamb Tales.
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