National Writing Day

Sarah leads a fun packed day of stories, writing, drawing and poetry.

9.30am Activity:
Story - The Boy who couldn’t stop writing
Sarah shares a story about a little boy called Ben who loves to write.
Grown Ups: Sarah brings her story to life sharing the writing that Ben in the story created. Sarah demonstrates how we can use the letters of our name to inspire our writing. Children learn the letter names and sounds in their own name. This supports your child’s phonic sounds and developing ideas for writing. This is a lovely activity giving children a purpose to write about what is important to them.
10.30am Activity:
Story Map
Sarah shares an adventure story map that she made with her daughter Eva.
Grown Ups: Sarah demonstrates how you can develop story ideas with your child, using pictures and places on a story map. This supports your child’s creativity, art and design and language development. It gives your child an opportunity for mark making and supports connecting sounds and letters together and sequencing ideas.
1:30pm Activity:
Make a postcard for someone special
Make a postcard for someone special
Grown Ups: Sarah talks about when we receive a postcard and how it makes us feel. It always nice to know that someone you care about is having a lovely holiday or break away. At this time we cannot go on holiday, but we can still send a postcard to special people in our lives and share what we have been up to. This supports your child’s writing for a purpose, finding out about themselves and talking about things they like to do.
2:30pm Activity:
Acrostic Poems
Sarah shares her summer poem
Grown Ups: Sarah shares how we can write creatively using a theme. Sarah shares her acrostic poem about Summer. This is a lovely activity to do together with your child and talk about what summer means to them.  This supports your child’s understanding of the sounds in words and developing communication and language, plus new vocabulary linked to their knowledge and understanding of the world.
If you've finished these and still have time for fun...
To develop writing further with your child, it is lovely to write a story together. A lovely way to share this with your family is to make finger puppets and act out your story as a performance. Here is a link to print out some story characters: This activity supports creativity, story language development and develops communication and confidence.
Story time:
Charlie and the Cheeky Squirrel Sarah shares her story about Charlie the squirrel who likes to play tricks on his squirrel friends. Find our how Charlie learns his lesson on why it isn’t kind to trick our friends.
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