North Bradbury Farm Day

Please give a warm welcome to Tracey and Farmer Chris of North Bradbury Farm in North Devon, England! They are taking over EYFSHome today so they can take us for a day down on their farm which is full of animals. We thought we could go and have a look at the three animals on their farm that lay eggs. Can you think what animals they could be ? Let’s start with a tour!
9.30am Activity:
Cress Egg Heads
Who likes eating eggs?  Well, next time don’t throw out your egg shells. Instead ask the grown up in your house to keep them so you can make a cress head. Tracey is just about to show you how.
10.30am Activity:
Eggs-cellent Eggs
How many different eggs did we find when we looked around the farm? Can you remember ? Let’s take a close look at them with Tracey.
1:30pm Activity:
Chicken Song
Do you know the song Chick, Chick, Chicken? If you do you can sing along with Tracey. lf not, you can join in and you soon will! Let’s see those wings flap!
In video there needs to be a chicken makaton video too
2:30pm Activity:
Cracking Up
A duck has to sit on eggs for 28 days for ducklings to hatch out. We have found over the years that the ducks aren’t very good parents and quite often won’t sit on their eggs that long, so if we want any new ducks we put our duck eggs in the incubator. Would you like to take a look ?
If you've finished these and still have time for fun...
Check out the Little Farmers' Club here for more activities and ideas! Thanks Tracey and Farmer Chris! You can visit North Bradbury Farm: Website: North Bradbury Farm Twitter:  @northbradbury ​YouTube: North Bradbury Farm ​Instagram: @northbradburyfarm
Story time:
Farmer Chris Reads A Bird Like Himself by Anahita Teymorian
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