Penguin Day

My name is Paula Fletcher and I am a children’s author.  I’ve written a book called Doughnut’s Adventures. It’s about a little penguin who feels different to the rest of the penguins.

We are going to do lots of fun activities today:

  1. Listen to my story Doughnut’s Adventures and draw a picture about all the things you are good at.

  2. Make your own penguin.

  3. Make a penguin habitat.

  4. Sing a penguin song.

  5. Listen to my bedtime story - I Can’t Sleep.

9.30am Activity:
Doughnut's Adventure

Come and listen to my brand new story ‘Doughnut’s Adventures’. All about a little penguin who is different from his friends. Doughnut prefers the warm sunshine compared with the cold weather of Antarctica.

Grown Ups:
Talk to your child about feeling different to other people in their lives. Share how being yourself is so important and that we are all unique. Draw a picture with your child about all the fun things they like to do.

10.30am Activity:
Make a Penguin

You will need: a toilet roll holder, black card, white card, scissors, sellotape, blue card, googly eyes.

Grown Ups:

​Children learn pencil grip and how to use their fine motor skills, as they draw and cut out the different shapes. They develop their language and communication as they talk about the different parts of the penguin.

1:30pm Activity:
Penguin Habitat

You will need: a shoe box, cotton wool, white paper, blue felt, penguins, pipe cleaner.

Grown Ups:
This is a lovely creative activity to talk to children about places where different animals live. Children learn that Antarctica is a cold place. They develop new language as they talk about the temperature, what penguins eat and the other animals that live there.

2:30pm Activity:
Penguin Dance

Join in this fun penguin dance and learn the song too. Did you ever see a penguin come to tea?

Grown Ups:

This activity is a fun way to talk and sing about how penguins move. It supports children’s language, communication, creativity and physical development.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...
Story time:
I Can't Sleep
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