Picnic Day

Hi, my name is Natalie Reeves Billing, and I’m a children’s author. My latest book, Ben and the Bug, is all about Covid-19 and how to stay happy and safe. Today, at the start of picnic month, we will be looking at how to have the perfect picnic while staying safe. We will be: Making some delicious jam butties Playing a throwing game to win treats Having a socially distant picnic Playing ‘Wrap up’ with the picnic blanket Reading a nice bedtime story I wrote yesterday called, ‘The Toadally Awesome Picnic’ Picnic month is a time to celebrate the simple sandwich and the great outdoors. When meeting up with other people, it’s much safer to do it outside, where germs can fly away in the wind. So, choose a sunny day, pack a picnic, take your hand gel, and get outside into the big wide world.
9.30am Activity:
Jam Sandwhiches
With a parent or guardian, we are going to make some delicious sandwiches.  We will need a knife, plate, butter, bread, and a filling of your choice. We chose jam as a special treat.  If you are having guests for a socially distant picnic, they may want to bring their own food and drink to stop pesky bugs from spreading. 
10.30am Activity:
Work for your Supper
In this game, we throw a pebble to win food, drink and treats for our picnic.  We will need food, drink and delicious snacks, plates, pebbles, and 5 x A4 paper numbered 1-5 Each category will have delicious food in it. Throw your pebble onto the correct number, and you win all food and drink from this category.  Build up your plate until it's nice and full, and ready for our picnic.  Don’t forget to wash your hands first.  Your friend may put their own food in the categories.  Take it in turns to win food.
1:30pm Activity:
Socially Distant Picnic
On a nice sunny day, or even in a spacious room, place a large blanket on the floor with tables/trays on each end You may take turns to collect food, or use the plates you won before from the ‘Work for your Supper’ activity.  This is about simplicity. Nature, chatting and good food. iPads not allowed.  Enjoy!
2:30pm Activity:
Wrap and Roll
Well done! Now, you are an expert host, and your picnic was a great success! Why don’t we play a simple game with the picnic blanket?  All you need is a blanket and a strong person to pull it.  Have fun!
If you've finished these and still have time for fun...
Listen to Natalie's Ben and the Bug story. If you still need some extra work there are some fun activity worksheets attached below.
Story time:
The Toadally Awesome Picnic
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