Poetry Day

My name is Sarah and I am a children’s author. Today I am excited to share my day all about poetry.

We will start the day with an autumn leaf action and sound poem. Then we are going to write an acrostic poem and decorate around it with some beautiful leaf prints. I will be sharing a lovely way you can help your child to make up their own hedgehog poem and then we will be making our very own alphabet poem too. We will finish the day with our guest poet Raoul Dero, known as ‘The Universal Poet,’ who will be sharing four of his lovely poems, written especially for EYFS Home.

9.30am Activity:
Autumn Leaf Poem

Collect some lovely autumn leaves and join Sarah to make your own action and sound poem.

Grown Ups:
Sarah talks about how we can use the movement and sound of leaves to write a poem. This is a lovely activity that supports children’s language development, their creativity and supports them to explore the world around them.

10.30am Activity:
Acrostic Poem

Join Sarah as she shares how to write a simple autumn acrostic poem

Grown Ups:
You will need some coloured pens and paper, some autumn leaves and some paint. Talk together with your child about all of the autumn colours and how nature is changing around us at this time of year. Together make your own acrostic poem and decorate it with leaf prints. This is a creative activity that develops children’s language and communication, it supports them to find out about the changing of the seasons and learn about the world around them.

1:30pm Activity:
Hedgehog Rhyming Poem

Join Sarah to find out how you can support your child to make their own rhyming poem.

Grown Ups:
Print out four copies of the hedgehog template and choose some words linked to autumn time. With your child think of words that rhyme with the words you have chosen. Talk together about the sounds at the end of the words. When the sound is the same at the end of each word - the words will rhyme. This develops children’s creativity, literacy and language development.

2:30pm Activity:
An Alphabet Poem

Sarah shares her alphabet poem all about incredible ingredients for a magic spell.

Grown Ups:
At this time of year, we are thinking about Halloween. Join Sarah to come up with new ingredients for a Halloween spell. Can you think of words starting with each letter of the alphabet? (This is called alliteration, when more than one word, consecutively in a sentence has the same sound.) Have fun with your child coming up with new ideas and experimenting and exploring words with the same sound. This is a great activity to play with words and ideas and develops children’s language and communication.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Learn some early years poems and songs with your child:

Story time:
Raoul Dero – The Universal Poet

Raoul shares four fantastic poems written especially for EYFS Home

Going to the Park

Fishes in a Fish Tank



Raoul Dero

The Universal Poet

7thAugust 2020


Email: Raoul.dero@gmail.com

Mobile: 07473 956 273

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