Rock on Barney Day

Hello, everyone. I'm Jennifer and I'm an author. I love being outside and looking at all that nature gives us. I don’t mind if it’s wet or dry, hot or cold.  I know that there is so much to see. So, today we will be thinking a lot about what we can see or do outdoors or by bringing the outdoors in.

9.30am Activity:
Rock on Barney

In this story we are going to hear what happens when lonely Barney shows off his special talent. You can help Barney and his friends when they are at the disco.

Grown Ups:

This book allows lots of discussion about the variety of birds eg. shape, colour, size.  It also highlights the importance of friendship and not prejudging on the basis of what someone/something looks like. Develops Communication, PSHE and Understanding the World skills.

10.30am Activity:
Let’s make a picture

Let’s see what we can collect outdoors and then use to make a picture.

Grown Ups:

This activity encourages children to go outside to collect twigs, leaves, acorns/conkers, any natural materials etc. then to use their imagination to create a picture. Children use their imagination to create a picture. You can repeat the activity if you are able to go to a park, a woodland, a beach etc and ask the children to tell you what different items they have found.

You might like to post some pictures on the EYFS Home social media pages.

Develops Understanding the World, Creative, Communication and Language skills.

1:30pm Activity:
Feed the Birds

We are going to make a bird feeder to help the birds during winter. We don’t want them to be hungry during the cold weather.

Grown Ups:

This helps children to think about birds needing food in winter.  It will help them to develop their motor skills.  Hang the feeder on a tree and encourage them to watch for different birds. You might like to post some pictures on the EYFS Home social media pages. Develops understanding the world, PSHE, Physical development.

2:30pm Activity:
Build a flock of birds

This activity encourages children to develop large and fine motor skills such as cutting out and gluing. They can be encouraged to make up their own story about the flock that they have made.

Grown Ups:

Develops - Physical, Creativity, Understanding the World and Communication and Language skills.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Join in as we sing a song about Six Little Ducks.

Grown ups - Enjoy encouraging your children to join in the singing and the actions.

Story time:
The Adventures of Markus Moldewarp

Snuggle up for our bedtime story which is all about one of the adventures that Markus Moldewarp has with his friend Quigley the Wriggley.

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