Saying Hello

Becky, Ivy and Owen introduce the day. Who are the people you like to see? What do you do when you see them? Do you wave? Give them a hug? Give them a kiss? How do you keep in touch with them? Do you use the phone? Do you have a computer? Do you meet them? How do people say hello in other countries? What about your pets? Do they say hello to you? Becky is an experienced teacher and Head of Department. She teaches French, Spanish and Computing in a Secondary School. As part of her role, Becky liaises with local Primary Schools and loves inviting them into her school to take part in Computing workshops. Becky has also written teaching materials for a range of educational providers and is a GCSE examiner. She loves robots, programming and anything crafty! In her spare time, you will find her walking Olive the dog, by the sea or on a ski slope.

9.30am Activity:
The Secret Handshake

Today we are thinking about saying hello. Did you know you can have a different secret handshake for the different people in your life? Ivy has one for all of us in our house. That’s 4 different handshakes! Ivy will teach you 6 moves. How you combine them is up to you! Ivy’s secret handshake moves:  Tap tap, Fist pump, Hi 5, Forward, ReverseBlow a kiss Add some more! How about… Elbow taps, Toe taps, Knee bumps, Spin around, Shoulder shrug, Hip bumps, Heel bumps

Grown Ups: At the moment the touching needs to be kept for those in your own household. This fun activity practices fine motor skills, reactions and encourages children to use their memory and creativity to invent their own secret handshakes. There are some suggested moves, but they can invent more!
10.30am Activity:
Make Your Own Telephone
At the moment, we can’t meet up with all the important people in our life. So we are using the phone and our computer to keep in touch with the people we love. DId you know, the telephone has been around since 1876 - that’s nearly 150 years! We are going to show you how to make a telephone today - and it actually works! ​
Grown Ups This activity asks your child to think about sound and how it travels. They create a simple string telephone and can experiment to see how it works best. We will introduce the idea that sound travels in waves You will need-  2 plastic or paper cups String (about 2-3m) Scissors A sharp pencil Blutak
1:30pm Activity:
Flag Making
What words do you know for hello? In our home, we say hello, hi, good morning, good evening….You might use different words in your home. You may speak another language. You may say hello in different ways to different people. What about in other countries? Have you visited somewhere where they speak a different language?  ​ Let’s learn how to say hello in some different languages and while we’re at it, we can look at their flags. There is a sheet here that you can print, but you can draw your own if you like. We have the flags for France, Italy, Spain, Japan and The United Kingdom. The flags are very colourful. Can you get yours ready for today’s activity? Once your flags are ready, you need to cut them out. Now we are going to learn the words for hello in the different languages for the countries they represent Vocabulary - Hello Bonjour - France Hola - Spain Ciao - Italy
Grown Ups: In this activity, we are asking children to think about the wider world and learn 5 words for Hello. They can colour in the flags for each country and there’s an opportunity to discuss where they are in the world and the culture of the country.
2:30pm Activity:
Waggy Tails
Do animals say hello? Of course! They have different ways of greeting each other. Let’s think about dogs. What do they do? There’s lots of sniffing. And when they want to show they are happy to see you, they wag their tails. Let’s play a game of waggy tails! First you need to find some tails. They can be anything, from the belt off your dressing gown to a tie or even a bit of string. You could make your own out of paper. To play the game you need to tuck your tail into the back of your clothes. Now let’s get wagging! The youngest player goes first. Call out the commands. All players do the actions. When the caller says ‘Waggy Tails’ the first person to successfully pull someone else’s tail off becomes the next caller!  You will need a ‘tail’ for each player (dressing gown belts work well) Commands: Sniff time Rub the belly Sit Waggy Tails

Grown Ups: A fun activity to finish which encourages children to think about the notion that animals use greetings too!

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...
Grown Ups If you want to discover more about Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, there are facts here. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ If your child loves discovering flags of the world, you can find more here.
Story time:
Sophie's Spectacles by Sarah Griffiths
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