Space Day

Hello children, Jude, Astronaut Lamby and Flossie the Alien would like to welcome you to Space Day, we are going to find our about the sky at night. We've got lots of fun activities planned so come and join in.

Do you ever look up at the sky at night? There are lots of stars and planets and of course the moon. Today we're going to go on a space journey, make something from a cardboard box and use some lovely space material for something fun.

9.30am Activity:
Make a Rocket

Astronaut Lamby has already got a rocket so I'm going to make one for Flossie the Alien. You can make one too. All you need is a cardboard box. If you have one big enough for you to sit in, you can make one for yourself or if you only have a little box make one for your teddy. Don't forget to draw the control panel and buttons so the rocket can take off. You might want to decorate your rocket as well.

Grown Ups:
Encourage your children to find a box for themselves or a teddy. Discuss what it might be like to go on a journey to space. What might you see? Talk about what they might need on or in their rocket. Use language such as rocket, control panel, buttons, decorate, journey, adventure.

Develops - Communication & Language, Physical, Creativity and Understanding the World skills.

10.30am Activity:
Space Den

We love sitting in dens. We're going to use some material, chairs and lights to make a space den. When it's ready we're going to sit inside it and read books and stories about space and stars. We might sing some songs in there too. Or we could do some drawing in our space den.

Grown Ups:
Discuss what you could use to make your space den. Do you have an old blanket or some sparkly material you could use? Do you have any fairy lights or torches you could put inside the den? Maybe you have some space themed toys you could add to the den. Use language such as space, den, material, drape, lights, decorate.

Develops - Communication & Language, Creativity and Understanding the World skills.

1:30pm Activity:
Mission to the New Planet

Can you join in with my Space Adventure story? You can join in with actions and make up your own to go with my story. Then you can decide what will happen on the next day of the adventure.

Grown Ups:
Encourage your children to listen to the story and respond to it with actions or sounds. Encourage your child to make up the next part of the story. What could the mission do on day two? Use language such as listen, action, movement, imagination, float, travel, planet, rocket, explore, story.

Develops - Language & Communication, PSHE, Creativity, Physical and Understanding the World skills.

2:30pm Activity:
A Starry Night Picture

Let's make a starry night picture. You can use crayons, felts or pencils. I've used a black piece of paper but if you don't have that colour it's fine, use whatever you have.

Grown Ups:
Encourage your children to draw their own starry picture. What might they see in the sky at night? You may wish to use glitter, star stickers or sparkly bits on you picture as well. Use language such as - picture, draw, decorate, star, moon, planets, planet names.

Develops -  Communication & Language, Creativity, Physical and Understanding the World Skills.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

1. Look at the sky at night and watch the stars.

2. Read more books about space, the stars or the moon.

3. Have fun on the Nasa Kids website (see link)

Story time:
Flossie the Alien

Snuggle up for our bedtime story Flossie the Alien. We've turned the lights down low and added some fairy lights for this one children.

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