Summer Day

Hi everyone, my name is Rachel and I'm from Music Minors which offers music and movement activities for young children. I have two lovely daughters who keep me busy and who are my inspiration.  Coming from a secondary teaching background of Music and Drama for 8 years, I decided that these subjects could be used more in Early Years Settings and this is how Music Minors evolved. It started in my daughter's nursery in which they were most supportive and helpful.   Today's activities have a mixture of Music and Movement with lots of repetition and engaging activities for your little ones to grow in confidence and learn at the same time (without them even realising). I do hope you enjoy our ‘Summer’ themed Music Minors day!

9.30am Activity:
I am a Music Minor

You may well recognise the tune to this song!!! I do hope you do and if not just join in where you can. No need for instruments if you don’t have them at home, grab a saucepan, wooden spoon and some salt and pepper shakers.

Grown Ups: This supports children’s creativity, exploration, imagination, self-expression and physical development.

10.30am Activity:
Flowers All Around

Summertime makes us think of lots of things, but one thing I do see is lots of colourful flowers. This song has lots of colours in for you to look at and lots of lovely actions to follow. Can you create your own flower after this? Which colour would you choose?

Grown Ups: This supports children’s language and communication, developing their knowledge of different colours and linking to the world around them.

1:30pm Activity:
Holiday Song

Get ready to go on holiday. We are packing our bags and going on an adventure. Can you remember what you pack for your holiday? I need your help. We are going to get there on your choice of transport. Come and join me and let’s go and have fun in the sun!

Grown Ups: Children learn how to prepare for a holiday and this supports them to think about how things happen in a sequence of events. It also supports their imagination, creativity and having fun whilst learning!

2:30pm Activity:
Animals in the Ocean

Our final adventure of the day takes us under the sea. Do you know any animals that live in the ocean? Come and join me as we explore the sea and find lots of unusual animals and we must copy the actions too. There’s even one that wobbles!

Grown Ups: This support children’s physical development and curiosity to find out about the world around them.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Children can make their own instrument at home and play along with the music.

Story time:
Tom's Smile by Sarah Griffiths
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