Ugly Duckling Day

Hello, I’m Wendy. I’m an early years teacher and a children’s author. I’m really pleased to be here with you at EYFS Home.

Today I am going to read you my version of The Ugly Duckling and then we’re going to make our own bird on a nest with some cute little chicks. Then we are going to play a game. We’ll be doing a floating and sinking activity and a song. After our busy day together I will tell you a bedtime story of the Aesop fable - 'The Lion and the Mouse'.

9.30am Activity:
The Ugly Duckling

I read you my version of the classic story of The Ugly Duckling which was illustrated by Claire Chrystall.


After listening to the story you could introduce a discussion about all the different families there are. You could also use the story to raise the subject of being kind.

10.30am Activity:
Making a Bird in a Nest

We are going to make our own bird in a nest just like the drakes in my story of The Ugly Duckling.

You will need some paper, pens and pencils or whatever your preferred method of adding colour is. Scissors, glue and some round objects to draw around will also be needed.


You may need to support your child with the cutting out. The skills needed for this activity are great for building hand strength and hand eye coordination which is really helpful for developing writing skills. You could also discuss what other animals lay eggs.

1:30pm Activity:
Kim's Game

You can use any objects you like to play this game.If you would like to make some characters you will need some toilet rolls, pens, paper, glue and scissors.

Grown Ups:
You can ask your child to find items to use from around the house. Or you can work together to make your own objects and characters with me. Using scissors, pens and pencils for fun activities helps to build the muscles needed for writing.

2:30pm Activity:
5 Little Ducks

Let’s sing along to the counting classic 5 Little Ducks .

Grown Ups:

Singing is lots of fun and I find singing can make you feel happy. This song is great for practising counting.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

The ugly duckling was floating on the pond. What else floats? Collect some objects from around the house. You will need a bowl or basin or you could even do this activity in the bath.

Grown Ups:
Depending on the age of your children you could use the sheet provided to predict your answers and record the results. You could then discuss the outcomes. You can make your own sheet or use whiteboard or chalkboard, whatever you have to hand.

Story time:
Aesops Fable- The Lion and the Mouse

I had some fun and made some props to help me tell the story of the 'lion and the mouse'. Similar to the story of the duckling, this story can be used to discuss kindness and how we can be still be friends even if we are different.

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