Who Can be a Superhero?

Today it is Toni Sian Williams, author and illustrator of ‘Who Can Be A Superhero?’ A Special story dedicated to our wonderful key workers. Toni has also written ‘The Ironbridge Ogre’ and illustrated ‘The Wrekin Giant’ using clay models and 2D drawing techniques.

9.30am Activity:
Read a story- Who can be a superhero?

We are going to read a book about our very special key workers. Find out what their special superpowers are! 

Grown Ups: This is Toni’s latest children’s story featuring many different key workers celebrating the amazing work they do for us each and every day, throughout the lockdown and beyond. Think about the job roles featured in the story, support your child by coming up with various key worker roles that members of your own family may be doing. 
10.30am Activity:
Drawing a Superhero!
Join Toni as she demonstrates drawing a superhero key worker, using pencil and felt tips. 
Grown Ups: Support your child with ideas on which key worker to draw and what superpower they may have. Help with ideas on outfits, colours and props for their drawing. This activity supports your child to develop drawing and colouring techniques, as well as gaining further understanding on various job types that their family members do.
1:30pm Activity:
Create a poem about your superhero
Now that you have drawn a fantastic superhero, lets write some rhyming words about your character.
Grown Ups: Support your child with rhyming words. Help them with specific words that may relate to their drawing, include describing words and rhyming words.  This activity supports your child with learning new words that rhyme. It will also aid children to learn to write descriptive text based on their own creation
2:30pm Activity:
Model making – Create a rainbow model to keep forever
Follow Toni’s step by step demonstration on how to make a model rainbow to keep forever.
Grown Ups: Support your child with using materials and step by step guidance following the video tutorial.   This activity supports artistic growth and helps them understand some of the simple techniques of model making.
If you've finished these and still have time for fun...
Talk to your child about key worker jobs and why they are essential to our current situation. Also talk about what else people do to celebrate and thank our wonderful key workers. 
Story time:
The Ironbridge Ogre
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