Yoga Day

Hello I’m Michele of All Generations Yoga & Pilates. I teach yoga to all ages and abilities and today I have produced a series of videos which include some fun breathing techniques, mindfulness through sound and a fun meditation using pom poms. Children will learn yoga postures and have a fun adventure where yoga postures are performed through a story. Enjoy!!
9.30am Activity:
Warming up the body with the Silly Song and calming the mind with the Volcano Breath
We will be stretching and jumping to the Silly Song and learning a fun breathing technique with the Volcano Breath. ​
Grown Ups: Make sure you clear a space for your Yoga activities to keep you and your little ones safe. Let your child rest when they need to and keep them hydrated. You can do this activity to most songs by having a dance and stretch and you can fill your Volcano with anything your little one’s wonderful for bringing calm..
10.30am Activity:
Kids Yoga Postures
Learn to do The Cat & Cow, The Snake, The Runner, The Dog and the Rag Doll  postures.
Grown Ups: If you have any health concerns for your or your child you should consult your health practitioner before participating in yoga activity. It is best you let your child figure out postures through practice rather than amending their limbs as it will give them greater self esteem to have achieved it by themselves. It is advised that you  only interfere with their body posture if you feel they are unsafe or if you do a partner activity.
1:30pm Activity:
The Treasure Hunt with a surprise at the end
Enhance your child's creativity and imagination when they perform yoga postures through a story - see how finding treasure does not necessarily make us happy, but having the sunshine in our hearts is so much better. ​
Grown Ups: You may like to play some soft music at the end of the story for the relaxation. It would be lovely for you to share any videos or photos of your practices today.
2:30pm Activity:
Bee Breath - Feather/Scarf Breathing
Fun breathing techniques with the Bee or Humming breath which is wonderful to help stop a Monkey Mind and rid of frustrations. ​The Feather/Scarf Breath is very calming.
Grown Ups: If you could give your child a feather or light scarf or similar it would be helpful, if not simply ask your child to imagine they have one and do the breathing anyway.
If you've finished these and still have time for fun...
Here is an opportunity to explore kids' meditation techniques by practicing the bubble breath, having fun by busting the bubbles with their toes and then pretending to be a bubble and exploring all the senses. There is also an activity here using small craft pom poms which is wonderful for concentration and focus...this is great fun to do with other siblings too. If you don’t have any pom poms you can use small pieces of cotton wool or similar rolled up. See more videos on my YouTube Channel - you will see baby yoga videos too on a separate channel of the same name.
Story time:
Percival and the Parachute
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