Today’s Activities

You can do any of these tasks, in any order (but we've suggested a timetable).
Take as long as your little ones want for each task, let them use their imaginations! 

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Music Maestros

Experienced senior education leader David Winfield takes us through the day with a range of fun, engaging and energetic activities.


David is an experienced senior leader in education, a member of the Chartered College of Teaching and is the current editor of innovatED magazine. David loves to enthuse children with a love of learning and to nurture their sense of wonder as they interact with the world around them. He is an in-demand speaker both in the UK and internationally, works with schools to develop projects and learning pathways that make children forget that they’re learning, delivers in-service training to teachers and senior leaders and is a consultant for a number of Edtech companies.

9.30am Activity:
Dancing like a grown up

This high-energy activity is designed to get you and your children moving! The dance moves will help to develop motor skills and support early years objectives such as  imitating the bilateral movement of limbs and transitioning into different positions. With a catchy-tune that Gabby describes as an ‘ear-burrower’, the children are also encouraged to get creative and invent their own moves!

10.30am Activity:
Storytime and the /buh/ sound with Simon Hunt

Acclaimed teacher and author, Simon James Hunt reads from his book, Delilah Rose the Bogey Princess. Your children will adore the story and it will really make them laugh with delight as Delilah becomes ever more gross! Simon also explores the letter ‘B’ and the /buh/ phonics sound that it makes.

More information about Simon

Simon is a primary school teacher, education consultant and author who has taught from Reception to year 6. He loves creative and innovative ways of teaching to engage children. He is an Senior Leader in Education, specialising in creative and innovative teaching ideas.  He has presented at various educational conferences around Europe and the USA and provides CPD sessions, staff meetings for schools and organisations as well as working with Google, HP, BT, Kahoot and Frontrow.  He has also appeared on the BBC and ITV where he has discussed issues around primary education.  But above all, he loves teaching!

1:30pm Activity:
3 Water Xylophone

This activity allows the children to think about what sound is and how they hear. It also provides opportunities to think about how sounds can have different volumes and pitches. After listening to different sounds that occur around the home and sharing these with grown-ups, the children explore how vessels filled with varying quantities of water have a different pitch and make different notes. The development pathway is then completed with the support of an adult to create a water xylophone. This allows the child to learn to play simple known tunes and to create tunes of their own. The activity also allows children to develop their listening, thinking and speaking skills and well as using controlled physical movement.

2:30pm Activity:
Dance Coding

A brilliant introduction to the world of computer programming for little people! All dance routines can be turned into a series of simple instructions - or algorithms. In this activity, 5 dance moves are given a colour.


The Dab = A yellow circle

The High Clap = A green circle

The Star = A blue circle

The body roll = A grey circle

The this or that = A pink circle


This activity is excellent for controlled mark making. So the grown-ups can follow the instructions for the dance in the correct sequence, the children need to draw their coloured circles in lines as neatly as they can!


Grown-ups can also make dance routines for the children to follow! Now turn that music up loud and get boogie-ing!

Dance Code.png
If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Watch the Delilah Rose the Bogey Princess book reading video again and see how much you can remember from this morning's activity.

Story time:
George and Maude by Sarah Griffiths
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