Today’s Activities

You can do any of these tasks, in any order (but we've suggested a timetable).
Take as long as your little ones want for each task, let them use their imaginations! 

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Nursery Rhyme Fun Day

My name is Susanne Schroder and I am an author and illustrator.

Today we are going to have lots of fun joining in with some of my favourite Nursery Rhymes and there are enjoyable activities to match each rhyme. Have you got a favourite Nursery Rhyme?

9.30am Activity:
Sleeping Bunnies

This song is all about sleeping bunnies. Can you be a sleeping bunny too? Join in with the words and actions. 

Grown Ups:
Encourage your child to curl up in a ball on the floor and pretend to be sleeping. Find somewhere comfortable where you can do this together. 

Wait until the song starts so you can hear your bunny is sleeping (when it is quiet you can even pretend to snore).

10.30am Activity:
Sleeping Animals

I know some other animals who'd like to join in with our song. I wonder if they will snore louder than the bunnies?

Grown Ups:
Encourage your child to be sleeping /hopping bunnies, snapping crocodiles and roaring lions.

Encourage imagination and confidence in their own abilities by helping your child think on their feet and make up their own verses.  You could ask: What animal could we be next? A snake? What would a snake do when he wakes up? Slither? Use words like slither or hiss. What sound would a snake make? 

1:30pm Activity:
Row Your Boat

We are going to sing a familiar song. Can you pretend to be in a boat rowing down the river? I wonder what we will see?

Grown Ups:
Encourage a sense of fun by getting into your child’s imaginary boat with them.  Hold hands and rock in time to the tune to help develop a sense of beat and rhythm.

2:30pm Activity:
Row Your Boat Fun

Shall we see who else is out on the river? I wonder what noises or actions we can do? Come and join me for some fun out in our boat.

Grown Ups:
Find a picture or cuddly toy of each animal before you sing the verse about that animal. 


If you see a crocodile (up the stream) don’t forget to scream.

A polar bear (down the river) don’t forget to shiver. A lion (to the shore) don’t forget to roar. A pirate (to the bay) don’t forget to row the other way.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

1.Can you think of any other animals to add to our Nursery Rhymes today? You could even add other characters too. Have fun.


2. Talk about your favourite Nursery Rhymes and sing your favourites together.

Story time:
Stories from the Sea
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