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Today’s Activities

You can do any of these tasks, in any order (but we've suggested a timetable).
Take as long as your little ones want for each task, let them use their imaginations! 

Please share your creations with us on social media.

Appreciate a Dragon Day

Hello children, I'm Jude and I'm an author and storyteller. Lamby and Flossie are my storytelling mascots with Little Lamb Tales. Today is Appreciate a Dragon Day and we are so excited. We are looking forward to playing some games, thinking about dragons, making dragon poems and doing some dragon maths. It will be so much fun.

9.30am Activity:
Guess which Dragon

Let's look at my three dragons. They all have some features which are the same and some which are different. Can you guess which dragon I'm describing? You could do this activity with your own toy dragons or other toys too. 

Grown Ups:

Encourage your child to listen to the clues and decide which dragon is being described. Use language such as features, eyes, ears, wings, tail, spikes, teeth etc.  

Develops - Communication & Language and Understanding the World skills.

10.30am Activity:
Dragon Words

Let's think of some words to describe what dragons do and also what they are like.

Grown Ups:

Encourage your child to think of words to describe what dragons are like or the things they can do. You could print out the caption and words or write your own. Children can use their writing skills to try writing their own words. Use language such as fly, swoop, soar, roar, jump, magical, brave, strong, fierce.

Develops - Communication& Language, Literacy, PSED and Understanding the World skills.

1:30pm Activity:
Dragon Poems

Let's have a go at making our own dragon poem. You can use words that rhyme (sound the same) or not. It's up to you. Share your finished poems with us. We'd love to see them.

Grown Ups:

Help your child to create a simple dragon poem like the one in the video. You could also make up more complex poems if you and your child would like to. Use language such as poem, rhyme, sound the same, words, dragon words, imagination, think.  

Develops - Language & Communication, PSED and Understanding the World skills.

2:30pm Activity:
Five Little Dragons

Now it's time to do some maths with Sir Lambalot. You can join in using your fingers or dragon toys if you have any. This song is all about taking away and seeing how many are left.

Grown Ups:

Encourage your child to join in with the activity. This can be made harder by extending the numbers to ten or even taking away two at a time. Use language such as - take away, how many are left, subtract, equals, left, dragons, Sir Lambalot, number names. 

Develops -  Communication & Language and Maths skills.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

1. Read our poem Cute and Cuddly.

2. Read some stories about dragons (I wrote The Dragon of Allerton Oak if you'd like to try that.)

3. Can you think of your own dragon game?

Cute and Cuddly Dragons are mis-understo
Story time:
Don't be Silly Milly by Jude Lennon
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