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Today’s Activities

You can do any of these tasks, in any order (but we've suggested a timetable).
Take as long as your little ones want for each task, let them use their imaginations! 

Please share your creations with us on social media.

Australia Day

My name is Sarah and I am the Creative Learning Director at EYFS Home. I am also a children’s author. Today we are going to be celebrating Australia Day. Australia Day is held on 26th January and celebrates the first British ships arrival in New South Wales in 1788 and the first claim of sovereignty. We will be making our own Australian flag and learning some fun facts. We will be getting creative and making our own Aboriginal art with a kangaroo theme. There will be a chance to make some tasty Australian treats and we will finish the day with an old Aboriginal legend.

9.30am Activity:
Make an Australian Flag

Today is Australia day. This is the official day that British settlement began in Australia and was founded in 1788 by Captain Arthur Phillips.  To celebrate today we are going to make an Australian flag.

File_000 (35).jpeg

Grown Ups:

Print out the template and colour in the flag together. All you need is a wooden stick or some card to attach the coloured flag to. Talk with your child about why each country has a flag. Talk about how we can recognise a country by its flag and the colours and symbols. This activity supports children’s understanding of Australia and how it is represented on a flag.

10.30am Activity:
Jigsaw Map of Australia

Learn some fun facts about Australia, learn about the animals and make your own jigsaw map.

File_000 (36).jpeg

Grown Ups:

Print out and colour the map and animals of Australia. Sarah also shares some fun facts about Australia. Talk with your child about the different facts they have learnt. This activity develops children’s knowledge and understanding about a country, places, animals and facts.

1:30pm Activity:
Kangaroo Aboriginal Art

Create your very own Aboriginal Art.

Grown Ups:

Print out the Kangaroo as a template to use on your picture. You can use felt tip pens or paint to create your colourful dots around the kangaroo. This activity supports children’s creativity and the opportunity to explore patterns, shapes and colours linked to Australia.

2:30pm Activity:
Lamington Cupcakes

Enjoy some tasty Australian treats.

Grown Ups:

This is a tasty treat for all the family and a traditional favourite in Australia. You can decorate your cupcakes with Australian flags to make them even more special to celebrate the day.

This activity supports children to follow instructions, to work together with others and also develops their understanding of Australia’s customs and celebrations.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Listen to this Australian tale called the ‘The Galah and the Lizard’ By Little Lamb Tales.

Here are some more Australia Day activities:

Story time:
How the Kangaroo Got Her Pouch 

Sarah retells this old Aboriginal legend about how the Kangaroo got her pouch.

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