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Around the World Day

I’m Emma and I’m an artist and teacher. I help children to produce amazing pieces of art and unique crafts using lots of different and interesting things!   Today, we’re going ‘All around the world’ where we’ll be doing some art, music, maths and having some splashy splashy fun too!

Mayan Headdress

Let's head to Mexico to make a fabulous headdress.

You will need some scissors and colouring pens, glue and a stapler.

You can use any craft items you have and things from around the house too!

You’ll learn how to snip with scissors, design using different colours and decorate your headdress however you want.

Tabla Rhythyms'

The North Indian Tabla is a drum.  Can you listen and copy the rhythms I’m doing?  Let's learn 4 different patterns that you can play on your drums or on your pots and pans at home.

Russian Dolls

Look at my dolls, they’re from Russia. Each doll has another doll inside. They get smaller and smaller. Let’s see if we can put them in order.   Which one is the biggest? Which one is the smallest? Can you find things that are big and small in your house?   Have a go at putting them in order from the biggest to the smallest.

Grown-Ups:  Children learn about grouping objects and putting them in size order. This also supports your child to learn through exploration and supports their language development.

The Watering Hole

My animals all live on a farm. But where are they all from?  Have a look at my animals, they’ve been rolling in the mud.  Can you help me to clean them?  Why don’t you collect all your animals to clean too.  Washing and cleaning is fun.

Grown-Ups:  Children learn about different animals and the countries they live in. They find out about the world around them.


The world is made up of 7 different continents. Colour each continent in a different colour.

Traditional Tales by Jude Lennon

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