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Fish and Chips

Hi my name is Carrie. Today you will meet a friend who is a teacher. Teachers like helping children just like you to have fun and learn.  Mrs. Tea (Jayne) is a retired Primary teacher brought out of retirement to help us! Today’s theme is Fish and Chips! Let’s go and have a look at Activity one!

Drawing Fish

Hello my name is Mrs Tea. Today we are going to have fun with Fish and chips. Let’s look at where fish live. Get a piece of paper and some colouring pencils. Follow along with me in the video. Now we are going to draw some fish! First of all draw a circle, a circle is a round shape. Then draw a triangle for the tail. Draw some more fish. Talk about where fish live?  Draw some blue lines for your sea or river. Now what about some plants for them to eat? Do you know what the plants are called? Yes! Its seaweed! Which is your favourite fish?

Drawing Fish and Chips

Did you know that on Sunday its National Fish and Chip day here in the UK! So we are going to draw some fish and chips.  Take your plate and  draw 3 long rectangles choose a colour to colour in your chips. Then draw your fish a circle and a triangle is the easiest way. Colour in your fish and then grown ups help cut it out with some round end scissors. Turn the fish over and carefully put some glue on the back and then put your fish on your plate of chips. Let it dry! You can add anything you have to make your fish look pretty. If you have coloured in your chip what colour is it? What is your favourite meal?  Make sure you take a photo to show other people what you have done. Post on social media with @EYFSHome  See you later in the day

Counting with fish

Let's take a look at numbers. 1 2 3  you can trace the numbers on the worksheet with your child's finger or ask them to do it. See how high you can count. We will practise  more cutting and matching numbers to the number of spots on the fish on the worksheet. Copy or print out the worksheet. Click to open on a new window.

Spelling out fish

Speaking of fish. Let's take a look at your picture. Do you know how to spell fish? Jayne will help. What is your fish doing?  Tell your adult. My fish is swimming, what do you think your fish might do tomorrow? What colour would you be if you were a fish?


Further fun with fish with your children! See the worksheet below, click to open in a new window. Print the worksheets out if you can, if not read the questions out loud and talk about them. Give your child time to think and speak.

The Emperor's New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen

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