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Heroes' Day

We all love Superheroes like Batman and Supergirl but did you know there are heroes all around us? Today we will explore who the heroes in our lives are and consider what makes a hero. We will be making a card for our special heroes – you may want to give one to a special person as we celebrate what people do fo us; family, carers and well anyone that you feel is special!  Following on from hearing Gemma’s story ‘Supercharged Superhero’ we will be making some Supercharged Magic Potions in our very own science lab! How exciting!
Supercharged Superhero story

Listen to Gemma's story all about a little girl and her superhero!

What makes a Hero?

In this activity we're thinking about what makes a superhero, do superheroes always have to be the ones we see on films? Or are there superheroes in our everyday life too?  ​During this activity we discuss traits that superheroes have and why they are important.

Make a hero card
Get creative and make a card for a superhero in your life whether it is a family member or key worker!
Potion Making
Join Gemma and Georgia in the lab where we can make some potions! ​Find out which ingredients create big bangs or little bangs and what happens when we mix different ingredients together!
We have been clapping for our Key Worker and NHS heroes throughout lockdown. Learn about these jobs and why they are so important. Perhaps you could talk to someone in your family who has one of these roles and ask them about the job that they do! Find out about some real life Superheroes from history such as Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole or Alexander Fleming. How did they help people? How does their hard work still help us today?
Naughty Norman by Gemma Everson
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