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Recycling Day

I’m Emma and I’m an artist and teacher. I help children to produce amazing pieces of art and unique crafts using lots of different and interesting things! Today, we will be looking at ’recycling’ where we’ll be doing some sorting, junk modelling and learning about recycling and re-using things in different ways.

What is recycling and why do we do it?

What do we do with our packaging when we finish with it?

Let’s have a look at our packaging. What does it look like, can you see through it? Is it hard ? is it squishy? What have you got in your house that can help you to recycle?

Sorting Materials

We have lots of things around the house that are made of different materials. Let’s have a look at some! What are they made out of? Can you sort them? Let's do it together.

Junk Modelling- Make a Robot

Let's make a junk model robot together. Collect some items from your cardboard recycling. You will also need some foil and Cellotape too.

I’ve got lots of things that I need to recycle, but before I do…maybe I can use them to make something fun and creative.

Make a junk model robot.

Re-Cycle and Re-Use

What can we use for other purposes?

Can you store your toys in these tubs? Can we give our toys and clothes that we no longer use to others/ charity? Have a look around your house and see what you can recycle and reuse.


Cut out the pictures and recycling bins together with your child and sort the items into the correct bins.

Ollie the Top Security Dog
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