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Seaside Stories and Songs Day

My name is Libby and I have worked with children for many years. I love sharing my rhyming stories and songs. Today I am going to share my story about a Pebble who is a bit unhappy. This is an original story about a Pebble who lives on a beach in Cornwall. Something extremely exciting happens to her, so look out for the story coming up in our first activity.

There will be two songs that you can learn today

and some fun activities to help your child relate to the story and to textures and sounds.

Pebble Story

Libby shares her rhyming story all about a pebble who is sad because they are grey and feel very dull. Find out what exciting things happen on Pebble’s adventures.

Paint a Pebble – this can be a real pebble from the beach or your garden, or you can download and print off the pebble picture on the page. With your grown up think of ideas of how to paint your pebble.

Make Your Own Pebble Story

Come and join me to see how my story is sequenced using pictures. Can you make up your own pebble story with your grown up? You can draw pictures or use objects to tell the story and share what happens to your pebble. Think about a happy ending like in my story. This activity supports children to use their imagination and develop creativity and new language and storytelling skills.

Exploring Textures

I will show you different textures of things found on the beach and around your parks/gardens.

This activity is about exploring our own environments and what is around us when out walking or playing. This supports children to explore the environment and the world around them. It develops new language thinking about the feel and textures of natural materials.

Seaside Songs

Join me to sing two lovely songs. The first one is called ‘The 5 Seagulls’. Clap along or flap your arms like wings while singing along!

The second song is called ‘The Beaching Holiday Song’

Listen and learn the words together with your grown up. Listen to the sounds of the waves in the music. This activity supports children to count and follow a rhythm. It also develops children’s language and supports the learning of new words.


Listen to another seaside inspired story called ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ by Giles Andreae

Bedtime for Pebble
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