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Taking care of your Pet day

Hello, my name is Aaron Norman and I am an animal lover. I am 23 years old and have just graduated from university. My favourite things to do are writing music, playing sports and helping animals. I have two dogs called Thor; a German Shepherd and Max; a terrier. Today I am going to teach you all about owning a pet and how to look after them.

Taking Our Pet For a Walk

Today we are going to be learning how to take our dog for a safe walk. We can also do this with a toy at home. First, we need to put a collar on our dog or toy, then we will need to put a lead on them, secured to the collar. Please give this a try at home with an adult. With our adult, we can take our pet for a walk, or even round the garden or the house. Make sure you bring lots of yummy treats for them too. If you do not have a dog you can do this with a toy and make your own collar and lead

Children learn the importance of exercise for animals and how to be safe when taking a pet for a walk.

Bathing Your Pet

In this activity, with a grown up, we will be giving our pet or toy a wash in the bath/shower or sink. Our pets can get quite dirty after a walk!

Children learn the importance of exercise for animals and how to be safe when taking a pet for a walk.

Feeding Our Pets

I bet we are all hungry after our busy morning, including our pets! In this activity, with help from our grown-ups, we will be feeding our pets. is a great chance for our adult to take a picture of our pet or animal and share it onto the EYFS social media so others can see your amazing pets!

Children learn how to feed their pet, showing them the correct amount and how often they need food each day depending on the size and type of animal you have. This will be different for the type of pet you have.

How to approach a Pet

In this activity, we will be talking about how to approach our pets and others pets safely, with the consent of our grown-ups. We will also be drawing a picture of our pets or our favourite animal. Today has been a huge day for learning! I have had a fantastic day, I hope you have enjoyed all of the activities. Thank you.

Children learn about safety with animals. Children learn that they must always be with a grown-up when approaching a person with an animal they do not know. They learn to ask permission to stroke an animal first and only if it is safe to do so.

This activity also supports children to celebrate the animals they love and the pets they have. It supports their creativity and understanding of the world around them.


In this activity we will be learning about rescuing animals, how you can help and where you can get a rescue animal from.

Olly the Top Security Dog by Chris Turnbull
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