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Hello and welcome to our space themed day! Plenty of fun activities to get the imagination racing, not just for children, but grownups can take part too! We are going to start with a Space warm up dance by Georgie, then you will hear about Derek the Alien’s adventures in space, make your very own alien space craft and get trendy with a fabulous space hat. Not forgetting the yummy milkshake activity too! It’s all about having fun while you learn so get ready to rocket into the first activity!

Space warm up dance

Georgie from The Right Step Dance Company will get us all warmed up and ready for the rest of the day's activities.

Reading of Derek the Alien and the Raspberry Milkshake Sky!

Derek was very happy living on The Orange Jelly Planet until one day he needed to zoom off to buy more supplies. Suddenly, a space craft whizzed past him and lost control. Derek watched as everything rolled out the back of the space craft. GROCERIES EVERYWHERE! “Catastrophe!” said Derek. What can he do to help? Derek the Alien finds himself on another out-of-this-world adventure; a fun, rhyming story suitable for all children.

Make your own alien space craft!

Look out for items around your house that you can recycle. These can be used to make your very own alien space craft complete with a tiny alien inside! Tin foil, paper plates, yoghurt pots, buttons and bottle tops can all be used to build and decorate your piece. ​Collect a range of decorative items such as foil sweet wrappers and buttons to offer more opportunities to decorate the space craft. Photographs of your amazing space crafts posted on social media would be welcomed.

Talk about the design of the alien. Will it have antennae? How many eyes? Does it need legs if it can fly?

Making your own 'out of this world' raspberry milkshake.

Milk is so good for you and raspberries are too! Here is a simple milkshake recipe anyone can enjoy.

The recipe is very simple but alternative ingredients can be used where necessary such as dairy free milk or cream.  Count to five together when the liquidiser is turned on and discuss if it needs more time.  Talk about their own imaginative recipes such as using a different fruit.


A simple fun way to learn the names of planets. Using simple items such as card, pipe cleaners and a few space pictures, an effective wibbly wobbly space hat can be made! Grownups: Prior to starting this activity, print some images of planets, stars or rockets (the choice is yours) to cut out ready to start making the hat. Talk about the sizes of the planets and colours of each one. Discuss the names of each one. Can they remember any at the end of the activity?

Derek the Alien and the Orange Jelly Planet. Read by Sarah Isaac


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