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Weather Day

Becky is a singer and dancer from Scotland and today she is joining us for our Weather Day. Today she will be taking us through a fun filled day of arts and crafts, creativity & musicality. This will help us to learn all about the different types of weather, and the fun we can have with it, Becky is so excited to get started with us all today, and nothing will rain on our parade today!

The Rainbow Song

Becky will be using her expertise in music to teach us all the rainbow song! Bringing some colour to our day, Becky can’t wait to share this lovely song with you!

Encourage your child to talk about rainbows and join in with the song.

Make a Weather chart

It’s time to get creative for this activity. Weather charts encourage the children to think about the weather each day, and allows them to recognise the different weather we experience each day. By getting artistic and designing our very own weather chart, Becky hopes everyone can have seasons of fun logging the changing weather each day.

Encourage your child to talk about rainbows and join in with the song.

Make a rain stick

In this activity, Becky will show us how to make our very own Rain Stick. This way everyone can have all the fun of the sound of the rain, even on the sunniest of days.

Encourage your child to follow the instructions to make their own Rain Stick. Becky would love it if the grown up’s would like to post a picture of all your fabulous rain sticks.

Let's make a Kite

Becky will be putting the windy weather to good use and making our very own kites! This way we have the opportunity to get creative and have a blizzard of fun afterwards! Feel free to share your beautiful kites with us on social media too, we can’t wait to see them!

Encourage your child to make their own kite using craft materials.


Incy Wincy Spider:

Joining us for one last activity today, Becky is very excited to be singing Incy Wincy Spider with us all, which just happens to be her favourite rainy day song!

The Toffee Lady by Jude Lennon
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