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Woodland Ways

My name is Paul Parsons and I am an illustrator and teacher. I would like to introduce you to Dotty Bretton, the author of 'Woodland Ways.' Today I will be sharing activities linked to the story I illustrated for the author Dotty Bretton, ‘Woodland Ways’. There is a special reading of the story by Ned Bretton-Cannings. Look out for some fun outdoor activities linked to the story.

Woodland Ways Story

Come and listen to Woodland ways read by Ned Bretton-Cannings. After the story, talk about what you have learnt with your grown up.

This supports children to understand how to look after the natural world around them.

Build a Bug Hotel

Using branches, leaves and other natural objects create a bug hotel.


This supports children to understand how to look after the natural world around them.

Clean up your Forest

With your grown up, using the correct tools (litter picker, gloves and plastic bag) clean up your forest, making your woodland ways beautiful.

Using the activity card, complete the 9 tasks in the forest. From discovering birds in nature to finding yellow natural objects in your woodlands or taking a tree rubbing of your favourite tree.


This supports children’s knowledge and understanding of how to look after their environment.

Colouring In

Colour in the woodland ways picture using the pdf.



I’ve created the front cover of the book without colour so that it links well to the book. As your child colours the picture, retell the story together. What did you like best about the story?

This supports children’s creativity and language and communication.


Here are some lovely activities that help us to learn from nature:

Little Flaws Read by Paul Parsons

Little Flaws is a poem about how people are all different. Little Flaws is from the ‘The Ways and Woes collection’.

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