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World Chocolate Day

My name is Sarah and I will be sharing a day all about chocolate. First, I share a bit of background into why we celebrate World Chocolate Day and then I ask Eva and her cousin Gracie to join me for some chocolate taste testing to see which is their favourite. Next, we go outside on a treasure hunt to find the gold chocolate coins! Then we have the opportunity to make some chocolate button cupcakes. We then talk about the different chocolate we like and design our very own chocolate bar. We end the day with a bedtime story about a Brave Knight named Sir John and how he travelled in time to the future.

A poem about Chocolate and taste testing

Sarah shares her poem all about chocolate and then asks Eva and Gracie to taste different types of chocolate. Sarah shares a rhyming poem that teaches children about the different types of chocolate and where chocolate comes from. This develops your child’s understanding of where chocolate comes from and first originated. Next Sarah, Eva and Gracie taste different types of chocolate to see which is their favourite. This supports children’s language and communication and understanding what they like and dislike.

Treasure quest

Sarah and Eva take you on a treasure quest around the garden to find chocolate treasure! This is a fun and interactive way for your child to explore their environment. This develops children’s directional language, moving, steps, left, right forwards and opposite. It also supports children to count with a purpose and follow instructions with an adult.

Chocolate Button Cup Cakes

Sarah shares how to make some delicious chocolate treats in the kitchen. Sarah demonstrates step by step how to make delicious chocolate button cup cakes. This develops children’s understanding of how to follow instructions and that foods are made up of a number of different ingredients. It supports children’s language and communication linked to weighing and measuring. It also helps children understand that food can change when it is baked in the oven.

The Bakers Shop

Sarah shares how we can set up our own bakery shop. Sarah demonstrates using card and felt tip pens how we can create tasty treats for our own bakery. Next Sarah teaches us ‘The Bakers Shop’ song all about chocolate chip cookies.  Can you make your own tasty chocolate song for your own bakers shop? The singing activity develops a fun way to count and pay for items. It also develops children’s independence to role play, to make their own bakers shop and buy and sell their own items. It encourages counting and introduces the language of money and payment for items.


There are more fun chocolate activities for early years

The Brave Knight Sarah shares her story in the enchanted forest called ‘The Brave Knight’. This is a tale about a knight from the medieval times that travels forward in time! Sir John The Brave is shocked to meet a group of school children and is worried about what has happened to King Edward IV. How will he get back to his own time? Grab a comfy blanket and join Sarah to find out.

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