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Today’s Activities

You can do any of these tasks, in any order (but we've suggested a timetable).
Take as long as your little ones want for each task, let them use their imaginations! 

Please share your creations with us on social media.

Festival of Winter Walks

Hello children, today Jude, Lamby and Flossie would like to welcome you to Winter Walk Day. We hope you have lots of fun. 

I'm Jude and I'm an author and storyteller. Lamby and Flossie are my storytelling mascots with Little Lamb Tales. Today we're very excited as it's the Festival of Winter Walks. We're going to plan a lovely walk today. Come along. 

9.30am Activity:
Where Shall We Go?

The first thing we need to do is decide where we want to go for our walk. Can you decide where you want to go for your walk?

Grown Ups:
Discuss the places you might like to go for a walk with your child. If you have two or more children talk about how to compromise if everyone wants to go to different places. Use language such as  walk, choose, decide, beach, woods, hills, park, around the block. 

Develops - Communication & Language and PSHE skills.

10.30am Activity:
Getting Ready

We need to make sure we've got everything we need for our walk including clothes and any snacks we need to take with us.  

Grown Ups:
Encourage your child to choose the clothes they will need for their walk. Ask them to help you pack the bag with snacks and drinks. Use language such as coat, wellies, scarf, hat, gloves, snacks, drinks, sandwiches, bag, pack.  

Develops - Communication& Language, PSED and Understanding the World skills.

1:30pm Activity:
What Shall We See?

What would you like to see on your walkl? Can you tell your grown up and make a list? 

Grown Ups:

Talk about the animals, trees or landmarks you might see on your walk. You can make a list to take with you if you wish. Use language such as walk, animal names, plant/tree names, landmarks, walking. 

Develops - Language & Communication, PSED and Understanding the World skills.

2:30pm Activity:
Let's Go For a Walk

Now we can go for our walk. We are going to a place called Hale to look at the Lighthouse and then we're going to have a little chat about it when we get back. 

Grown Ups:

Enjoy the walk with your child. Talk about the things you saw on the way. What was your favourite part of the walk. Use language such as - walk, walking, landmark names, animal names, discuss, favourite. Please feel free to share photos from your walk on the EYFS Home social media channels.

Develops -  Communication & Language, Physical, PSHE and Understanding the World skills.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

1. Draw a picture from your walk.

2. Plan another walk to somewhere else.

3. Make up your own bedtime story about your walk.

Story time:
The Lighthouse

Snuggle up and enjoy a story we've made up about our walk.

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