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Help us continue our work - through Easter and beyond

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

We've been supported by UK Government grants (through Innovate UK) for the past year through the COVID pandemic. This funding, which runs out on 31st March, has enabled us to create over 200 activity days and work with over 25,000 families and childcare professionals.

We are looking to continue our work through and after the Easter holidays - to help those still homeschooling, to support childminders, schools and nurseries, and to help all parents through the school holidays.

If you have benefitted from or enjoyed our work over the past year, and are in a position to make a donation to help us create more content and spread the word wider about EYFSHome, please consider giving us donation of £5, £10 or more.

You can make a donation securely via Paypal by clicking on the logo below:

Anyone who makes a donation of over £10 before April 1st (and has a UK postal address) will also receive a free 'Easter Club' pack - poster, stickers and chart - to help you through the holidays while we remain in what we hope is the final stages of lockdown. Please leave your address while giving the donation or email it to if you would like to receive this (UK addresses only).

We'd also love to talk to any nurseries or childcare organisations who would be interested in developing a bespoke EYFSHome programme to use in your settings, or to companies who would be interested in creating an 'EYFSHome club' to help support employee families at home. Please contact us at


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