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Aimee Dobson

Community Manager

Alongside my exciting role for EYFSHome, I work as a Psychology Technician at the University of Portsmouth working closely with students and academics on research projects for final year dissertations and large grant backed research. I’ve been in this role for almost 3 years after a 18 year career in the health and fitness industry, I work closely with the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences with joint research ventures and delivering short courses for the students to obtain further industry recognised qualifications alongside their degree. I am a mum to two young and very active children, we enjoy lots of different activities as a family. They have both inherited our competitive streaks, we met many years ago playing the sport of Tchoukball which at the time we both represented Great Britain. I run my own online business, my goal is to help as many women as possible who are just like me to embrace their inner beauty, confidence, health and success. Sharing tips, tricks, makeup tutorials and products to make life a little easier and ultimately by being part of a safe support network. I love living near the sea, spending time camping with my family and friends and cosy movie evenings.

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