A Day of Adventures

Today we are joined by Australian children’s author Kelly Maree. Kelly is from Brisbane in Australia.

Kelly writes books about her son Oskar and she has written 3 adventures so far.

Today we are going to have a day full of adventures.

1. Kelly shares her story ‘Oskar and the Bear.'

2. Join in our scavenger hunt.

3. Measure your body and look at the similarities of the measurements.

4. Join in with our jumping activity and find out how far different animals jump.

5. Settle down for Kelly’s bedtime story – Oskar and the Moon Rocks.

9.30am Activity:
Reading of Oskar and the Bear

Kelly shares her story all about Oskar and his adventures.

Will Oskar find a friend in the forest?

Is the bear really as scary as everyone thinks?

Follow Oskar’s adventure into the scary forest and find out what’s really in there!

Grown Ups:

Talk to your child about when they have felt lonely. Talk about how our friends and family can help us to feel better, spending time with the people that we love.

10.30am Activity:
Scavenger Hunt

Print off the attachment for the indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt (or both) and go hunting in your garden/park/indoors for the items. Please use this exercise to teach children about different plants/berries/animals. Talk about things that we cannot touch as they can be dangerous.

Grown Ups:
1:30pm Activity:
Measure Your Body

The Virtruvian Man was created by Leonardo da Vinci.

Grown Ups:

It shows a male figure in two positions and enclosed in a circle and a square. This drawing is often called 'Proportions of Man'.

Print the Virtruvian Man and start measuring together. Measure each part of your child's body and then take a note of how long each part is.You can then see what parts of your child's body are the same length!

2:30pm Activity:
How Many Jumps

Find out how far a grass hopper, frog and kangaroo can jump!

Grown Ups:

Print off the information sheet and mark out in your front room or garden where you child can jump. Then mark out where the animals can jump and look at the differences. This activity is so much fun and teaches children about different animals, measuring and develops their language skills too.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Learn more about Australia and the animals that live there:

Story time:
Oskar and the Moon Rocks




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