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Adventure Day

Hello explorers! Do you like adventures? My name is Gemma and I am a children’s author, teacher and mum to my two little helpers. We have lots in store for you today and we can’t wait to begin! Join us soon for activity number one.

9.30am Activity:
Packing our Bags for an Adventure

We can’t wait to go on an adventure today, but what do we need to take with us? Talk to your grown up about what an explorer might need. How long are you going for? What is essential and what is not very important? Some ideas are food, a drink, binoculars, a magnifying glass, a map and a compass.

Grown Ups:

Grown Ups: Talk to your child about what specialist equipment they may need. Explain what these things are as it may be new vocabulary to them. Show them photographs if you do not have these things to hand. Talk about what things are important to an explorer and what could happen if they do not take them. This activity will help your child to learn more about the world around them.

10.30am Activity:
Making Binoculars

Now we have packed some things in a bag, let’s make our very own explorer binoculars. They may help us to see things that are very far away on our adventure later today. All you need is 2 cardboard tubes, some card, sticky tape, felt pens and maybe some stickers.

Grown Ups:

Grown Ups: This activity will help your child to understand more about the world around them. It will also enable them to develop their cutting skills which is important in physical development.

1:30pm Activity:
Making a Den

For this activity we are going to need lots of large pieces of material like blankets, duvet covers or sheets. Make a den or tent inside your home and pretend you are on an adventure! You could use a table or some chairs for the den as I have shown you in the video. Have fun!

Grown Ups:

Grown Ups: This activity will not only help your child to develop creatively but it will also help them to develop problem solving skills as they work out how to make their den the right size as well as being stable and sturdy.

2:30pm Activity:
Outside Scavenger Hunt

It is time for our adventure! You don’t need to go anywhere special for this activity. Your back garden or local neighbourhood will be fine. Download the printable scavenger hunt that goes with this activity and have fun exploring and finding all of the treasure! Don’t forget to send us a photo!

Grown Ups:

Grown Ups: This activity is great fun and helps children to really look closely at their natural environment. Incorporated in the scavenger hunt is counting and colour and vocabulary that may be new to your child. Discuss why you may not find certain things, is it to do with the time of day or perhaps where you are looking.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

If you would like to do a little bit more, perhaps you might like to make your own scavenger hunt to complete! This time think of other things you may find to tick off. Maybe ask your friends if they would like to have a go?

Story time:
Stories about Space, Stars and the Dark




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