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All the Fun at the Fair Day

Roll up, roll up! My name is Gemma and today I am very excited to be leading a ‘Fun at the Fair’ themed day! We have lots of fun in store for you including games, dressing up and some delicious food! My daughters Georgia (aged 5) and Gracie (aged 3) will be helping me along the way. Shall we get started?

9.30am Activity:
Hook a Duck

Hook a duck is a popular fairground game. Recreate it at home by using a magnet (maybe a fridge magnet) and try to catch some phonemes, numbers or even jigsaw pieces from a tray. Remember to attach a paperclip to make them magnetic!

Grown Ups:

Grown Ups: This activity will help your child’s coordination and concentration. You can talk all about why the paperclips are attracted to the magnet and maybe see what else is magnetic in your home! Incorporating numbers or phonics into the activity will help develop maths and literacy skills. The possibilities are endless for this activity!

10.30am Activity:
Make Your Own Hoopla

There are so many games to play at the fair! Follow my instructions to make a simple ring toss game using things you probably have around the house. You could even try throwing balls into different sized boxes or containers too. Maybe award different points for them to make it really exciting!

Grown Ups:

Grown Ups: By following the instructions in the video, your child will practise their listening skills and will also practise using scissors to cut card which is excellent for building strength in their hands. The game will develop coordination and accuracy and will encourage turn taking and fairness. If you incorporate numbers into the activity you could do some adding up and counting too.

1:30pm Activity:
Photo Fun

Gather up lots of hats, masks and props for some photo fun! Have a go at making a cardboard cut-out for your face of an animal or character. Who will you pretend to be today? Ask your grown up to take a photograph of you pulling a funny face!

Grown Ups:

Grown Ups: This activity will allow your child to use their imagination and take on the role of another character. Encourage them to change their voice or how they move to really become the character! Children learn best from you so take a turn if you can. Where possible, allow children to practise taking a photograph using the viewfinder and the capture button/icon.

2:30pm Activity:
Hot Dog Roll Up

After a busy day at the fairground, we are all getting a bit peckish. Enjoy following this recipe to make some super easy and super delicious Hot Dog Roll Ups! Yum yum! Download the recipe below.

Grown Ups:

Grown Ups: Allow children to be as independent as possible (apart from where chopping or using hot utensils is involved) to make their food. Talk about how the pastry and cheese change as they are cooked.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Design your own fairground game. It could involve throwing into a target, knocking down a target or testing speed or skill. Make your own rules and decide how you will determine the winner. Have fun!

Story time:

Elephant Stories with Little Lamb Tales




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