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Autumn Music Minors Day

My name is Rachel and I run my own music business called Music Minors. Today we are going to have so much Autumn fun with music. First we are going to learn an Autumn song all about leaves. We are going to learn an action song about a farmer. Then we are going to learn another song that is really fun at this time of year all about pumpkins. In our final activity we are going to make some pumpkin tambourines.

9.30am Activity:
Leaves are Falling

This Autumn song allows the children to explore outside, you may ask them on look at the trees and pick some leaves.  Talk about the different colours you can see. This song uses red, yellow and brown as our leaf colour. You are welcome to use the template attached as your leaves.Join in with this song, together with your child and be a tree.

Grown Ups:
10.30am Activity:
Farmer Sows a Seed

Join in with this familiar tune that children will recognise and learn the song together. We sow the seeds, the rain and the sun shines and then we watch them grow. Together with your child, join in with the movements and actions to this lovely autumn song.

Grown Ups:
1:30pm Activity:
Five Little Pumpkins

This activity is all about the children exploring different emotions and learning to count. Each pumpkin has a different facial expression and the children can copy Rachel as they sing the song and use the language of different emotions. This is a great fun activity to enjoy with your child.

Grown Ups:
2:30pm Activity:
Making Paper Tambourines

You need:

2 x paper plates

Coloured paper for the face

Pumpkin seeds or rice

Orange paper, or tissue paper or paint.


Paint brush

Making these tambourines is great fun and they look like pumpkins too. Watch Rachel as the children will learn to create their own musical instrument.

Grown Ups:
If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Learn some more Autumn songs:

Story time:
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