Blue Day

My name is Sarah and I am a teacher and children’s author.

I love the colour blue! There are so many shades of blue too! Light blue, dark blue, navy and teal to name just a few. Today’s activities are going to be fun as they all have the same theme of the colour blue. Are you ready for some fun activities? I know I am. Let’s go!

9.30am Activity:
Wear Blue Clothes

This is a great activity!

How many blue clothes can you wear? Have a competition with your family members to see how many items of clothing you can find. Look for gloves, scarves, hats and coats. Perhaps you even have a blue umbrella to match your outfit?

Grown Ups:

The whole family can join in with this activity and you can discuss the many different blue colours there are. Who has managed to wear the most items of blue clothing? Which shade of blue is your favourite? This activity supports children’s communication and language and independence to dress themselves.

10.30am Activity:
Blue Treasure Hunt

We all love treasure hunts so today we are going on a search for as many blue items as you can find in your house. Remember to gather them together at the end and see who has the most! Remember, you only have 2 minutes to find your blue treasure!

Grown Ups:

You may wish to explain the rules of the game at the start. Where do the children put their treasure afterwards? Remind them to help put all the items back in their original places at the end of the game. Is there anywhere that they are not allowed to go, such as under the sink unit where detergents and bleach could be found? Older siblings can help younger ones. This activity develops children’s learning through exploring their environment.

1:30pm Activity:
Blue Picture

As it is Blue Day, we are going to paint a picture but by just using just the colour blue! You can mix your paint to see if it changes to a different shade or perhaps a completely different colour entirely! However, it must just be the colour blue. Try a beach scene or a scene from a school playground. How difficult is it to just use blue?

Grown Ups:

You can discuss the shades of blue they could use and try experimenting with mixing blue with another colour. What picture would they like to paint? Perhaps a blue self-portrait or a view of their garden?

This develops children’s creativity, knowledge of colours and communication and language.

2:30pm Activity:
Blue Balloons

There’s nothing like playing with balloons and watching them float around!

Blow up some balloons – I used blue balloons to match the theme of the day. How many ways can you think of to try to keep the balloons up in the air? I tried sitting at a table and passing the balloon to another person opposite. I used my elbow, nose and little finger to tap it across to the other person. How long can you keep it up?

Grown Ups:

Try using one balloon to begin with then perhaps try using two balloons to see if they can both be kept up in the air at the same time. Older siblings can be given more of a challenge. Can the balloons be kept up in different ways such as ‘fanning’ them with newspapers or lying down on the floor and just kicking them up above you?

This activity is great for physical development and working together as a team.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

There’s nothing like singing together. These songs are all about finding something blue.


Try using sand shakers, makeshift drums (saucepans upside down) or rattles to join in with the song.


Grown Ups:

You can discuss how many items are blue in the songs. As these are two different styles of song, you could talk about the songs themselves such as the rhythm or speed of the music.

Story time:
A Dog named Blue

There’s nothing like a bedtime story when you are curled up under your blankets! Especially after you have been enjoying yourself taking part in all these activities!

This story is all about a dog called Blue.

Are you comfortable? Let us begin…



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