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Douglas's Trousers Day

My name is Sarah and I am a children’s author. Today I am going to be sharing my magical flying adventure ‘Douglas’s Trousers.’ We will be designing our own magical flying trousers, making a magic recipe and creating a magic potion too. To finish the day, I will be sharing another special adventure for our bedtime story, called ‘Douglas Saves the Forest.’

9.30am Activity:
Story reading ‘Douglas’s Trousers.’

Sarah shares her magical tale all about Douglas and his magical flying trousers.

Grown Ups:

Listen to Sarah’s magical tale and talk about the story. Ask your child if they can remember why Douglas wrote the letter to the headteacher? How did Douglas’s trousers become magical? Ask them about their favourite part of the story and why. This activity develops children’s listening skills and their communication and language.

10.30am Activity:
Magic Trousers

Design your very own magic trousers like Douglas from the story.


Grown Ups:

Print off the template of the trousers and talk with your child about what their magic trousers would look like. You can use felt tip pens, paint and add glitter, sparkles, or anything shiny from your craft box. This activity supports children’s imaginative play, creativity and communication and language.

1:30pm Activity:
Magic Recipe

Follow Sarah as she shares some magic recipes with some interesting ingredients.



Grown Ups:

You can print off the template to record your very own recipe for a magic spell. Will you choose a flying spell like Douglas? Or you could think about an invisibility spell, giant spell or another spell of your choice. This activity supports children’s creativity and imaginative play. It supports children’s literacy skills and develops their knowledge of alliteration.

2:30pm Activity:
Magic Potion

Sarah shares how to make a magic potion and a matching magic spell.

Grown Ups:

You will need: an empty jar, water, food colouring and glitter.

Follow Sarah as she shares how to make a simple magic potion. You can make up a rhyming spell to go with your potion and cast your spell! This activity supports children’s imaginative play, creativity and communication and language.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Here are some more ideas to make some magic potions:

Story time:
Douglas Saves the Forest by Sarah Griffiths

Douglas and Grandad come to the rescue of the local town using some very, special magic!




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