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Easter Food Day

My name is Rachel and I have my own musical company called Music Minors. Today we are joined by my daughter Tallulah. We are going to be making some very tasty Easter Food! All of the activities today develop children’s confidence, language and communication, the ability to follow instructions and work together as a team.

9.30am Activity:
Easter Fruit Treats

Come and join Rachel and Tullulah to make some tasty treats


¾ cup of grapes chopped

1 banana chopped

¾ cup Greek yoghurt

Oat biscuits x 4

Grown Ups:

Place your biscuits on a plate and add greek yoghurt over the top.

Place the fruit choice of your own over it. Decorate like an egg. Use laces or fruit to decorate at the end.

This is a lovely simple way of jazzing up snack time.

Follow Rachel and Tallulah as they decorate their fruit biscuits and have lots of fun.

10.30am Activity:
Easter Nests


200g milk chocolate

85g shredded wheat crushed

2 x 100g mini chocolate eggs

Grown Ups:

Follow Rachel and Tallulah as they make these really simple Easter nests. Let the children weigh out the ingredients and help you mix everything up. A lovely Easter activity to enjoy together.

1:30pm Activity:
Easter Biscuits


200g unsalted butter softened

200g golden caster sugar

1 large egg

½ teaspoon vanilla essence

400g plain flour

Grown Ups:

Rachel shows you how to make these lovely and simple biscuits. You’ll need some little toys to print on the dough before they go in the oven. It gives a lovely effect once they are baked. Really lovely simple Easter bake and a lovely snack to have too.

2:30pm Activity:
Hot Cross Scones


225g self-raising flour

¼ tsp salt

50g butter, chilled

3 tbsp currants or other dried fruit

1 small dessert apple peeled and cored

50-75ml milk

4 tbsp natural yoghurt

1 egg beaten (for glazing)

1 pack strawberry laces

Grown Ups:

Watch as Rachel and Tallulah, together create these lovely and effective scones. They both get involved and get their hands messy making the dough. Let the children explore the ingredients and weigh it out. The best bit is the end as you’ll see. Tallulah enjoyed adding the strawberry laces. Have fun together enjoying this lovely baking activity.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Here are some more tasty recipes for Easter time:

Story time:
Lamby's Flock by Jude Lennon




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